Thursday, January 8, 2009

Puppy Fun and Meet the Heintzberners

Silver and Gold -- you are a smart bunch! The first one to correctly identify that the title of the Blog referred to old and new friends (from that children's song) was my daughter, Nicole. Her prize is to keep the two orange kittens she went to Montana to get!!! Aren't you glad you were not the first one to guess (Carol, Cali, etc.)? Can you believe that Nicole does not want her prizes?!

I spent yesterday morning at the vet with Halo -- my Utah vet is so wonderful. I stayed with Halo during all the pre-op blood work and etc. and until she went off to surgery. I sat in the waiting room and worked on my laptop while she was being spayed, and as soon as she was done I went in the back to sit with her as she woke up. It took about two hours until she could walk and then we came home! She is doing just fine and it was less stressful for Halo and for me because I was there the whole time.

On the way home I called Elizabethanne to set up a time when the poodle cousin, Chase, could come and play. It just so happened that it was the same time that all the kids were walking home from the school next door, and so we once again had quite the crowd. One person -- an adult man -- asked if Chase -- a boy poodle -- was the mother of the puppies!!!!! Hmmmmm.... The puppies had a great time playing and visiting with their poodle cousin and all their fans.

Although there was snow, it was a warm day -- maybe 45 degrees. This is Whitby enjoying himself -- doesn't he have a pretty profile?

Sydney remains almost as big as the boys, and probably a little bigger than Sutton.

This is cute Sydney again -- she sure looks like Cadi to me. Sydney is really not half poodle -- she is half pit bull -- when she clamps on, you just about need a crow bar to get her off.

All the visiting and playing wore out Toronto and Whitby, who took advantage of a sunny step to take a nap.

This is one of our visitors with Geneva.

Jamaica is quite the lovely girl and so much personality!

Here she is again, taking on the watering can!

Handsome, hunky Hudson striking a pose.

Galen says this picture should be on a Christmas card or something -- a visitor with Jamaica.

That poodle cousin can run like the wind -- the puppies knew they could not keep up so they stood and watched the speedy poodle.

Chase did try to talk the puppies in to chasing him: "Hey puppy cousin, my name is CHASE -- get the hint?!"

In addition to their expertise as paper shredders and ear/nose piercers, the puppies now offer a glove removal service.

You can certainly see that everyone at the impromptu puppy party had a good time :)

Let's meet our next family -- here is John with his family's first berner, Kirby:

John is all grown up now and -- with his wife -- is ready for a berner of his own. John is the son of one of my very dear friends, and will be a second generation to have a Kaibab berner. Here is the intro for the family I think should change their name to Heintzberner:

"Hi, we are John and Kristine Heintzberger and we are very excited to be the new parents of a Glitterati puppy. We plan to pick up our new addition just ten days short of our second wedding anniversary. At this point in our lives we have no children and both work near our home in Salinas, California. We have spent the last year re-landscaping the yards at our house, inclusive of a new large lawn in the backyard that is now established and waiting to be broken in. We are very lucky to have many family members from both sides nearby, and all are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new puppy.

Kristine works several miles from our home as an accountant in Salinas. She has worked there five years, since graduating from St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California. John is employed as a plant breeder for Paragon Seed, and spends most of his time in his truck and outdoors in the fields around the Salinas Valley. He has worked there six years, after graduating from U.C. Davis with a degree in Plant Biology. He’s sure he and Mary-Ann could have in-depth discussions on the similarities and differences between breeding dogs and lettuce plants!

Kristine married into a BMD family. She has grown to love Bree and Grace (John’s Mom’s dogs) over the past couple of years. She also began to follow the F-litter blog daily, and since has been asking when we could get a dog. Their gentle nature, and puppy pictures, have lured her into wanting to grow our small family. John, on the other hand, has grown up around many dogs (among other four-legged creatures) and remembers their first BMD, Kirby, who came to the family when John was four (Kirby lived 12 ½ years). Then John’s mom, Cindy, met Mary-Anne and the rest is history. She has since had a puppy from each of the A, B, and D litters [Kaibab’s Anniversary Cruise (Cruiser), Kaibab’s Bumper Crop CGC, RN, NDD (Bree), and Kaibab’s Deep Devotion CGC, RN (Grace)].

You can probably tell by now that there will be no shortage of love and care for our new puppy. We admire the disposition of these great dogs, and also their history as helpers on the farm. We plan to carry on the tradition as we learn to train our puppy and support her as she grows to fill her inherent potential. She is already enrolled in puppy classes with Suzi Bluford in Carmel, California. We can hardly wait to fly in and meet Kaibab’s Glamorous Sky (Mika), named in honor of Kristine’s Japanese heritage (Mika, which means new moon, is a famous Japanese singer whose top single was called Glamorous Sky)."

Here is John all grown up and shopping with Kristine for puppy supplies. We are so excited to have a puppy going to live with John and Kristine, and to be spoiled by Grandma Cindy :) Is the name pronounced like Mike-a or Meek-a?

Is someone spoiling you today? I hope so!! Thanks for visiting and have a perfectly fun day.


  1. Galen is right about that picture - it is wonderful!

    I really love the picture of the expectant puppy parents. I am working on Project 365 - taking a picture everyday to capture an entire year. Mine started on January 1 - but what a neat idea for a new puppy family! You could start on the day the puppy comes home and journal your adventures and watch the puppy grow before your eyes!

  2. Her name is pronounced Meeka - and what a time they had choosing it!!! All of the Japanese side of the family had to pitch in :)

    cindy H. (Grandma Cindy)

  3. Congratulations to John and Kristine! And I agree with Lynn, what a great picture of you both shopping for your little baby berner!

    It is so exciting to hear the puppy naming process, as we are in the midst of ours as well! Hope to meet J & K next weekend,

    Liz, Sam, Kiko who is basking in the last day and a half of his Florida sunshine, and Lilith the cat