Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Water was finally restored this afternoon -- I have never been so grateful to wash dishes! No water is just one of the issues -- I cannot drive the van up the ice covered road and so it remains parked nearly three miles away and I use the big truck to go back/forth to the van. I have been stuck several times in the truck on our driveway and there is a two foot mound of iced snow in front of the door to the house that we have to climb over to get in and out. This is particularly fun with a small puppy who is being house trained. But at least we have water again and thank goodness for the big, old four wheel drive truck. Winter does not last forever -- I need to remind myself of this frequently.

Sydney is adjusting well. Her housetraining is coming along nicely. If she is not loose -- which she is a lot -- she is in an x-pen that still has a potty zone as she is too little to "hold it" for any length of time. She also sleeps in her x-pen, and is doing relatively well with that. She is having fun stalking cats, eating snow, biting Zoey and Faith, playing tug with Asia, and chasing Cadi around to grab a snack.

This evening Sydney took a break from biting at Cadi's tail to let me take this picture.

And here is Sydney with her long suffering grandma, Maize.

I have heard from all of the new owners and the puppies are doing so well! Rock Star aka Ruben (Hudson) met Nancy Stewart today and she was complimentary of him. Cooper (Whitby) went to Alex's class for his birthday and did a great job meeting all the kids. Zaida (Jamaica) went to see her vet who could not hear any heart murmur so that is great news. Mika (Ireland) looks to be having fun in California -- I got to see some great pictures of her.

I hope you have running water and that you appreciate that fact!

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  1. Well, I know we're all ALMOST as relieved as you are -- I was so glad to hear the (almost) end of that story. Sydney looks great -- but how odd to see only one puppy on the Glitter Blog.

    I know this has to end sometime -- but honestly, it's a wrench.

    Winter in the Outback is a lesson in endurance, ingenuity and appreciation of warmth and safety. And every Spring, I can never QUITE remember how hard it is -- like childbirth.

    Good news -- about Jamaica, and all the others. Still hoping to see at least some of them in Portland.

    Susan and Djinn