Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Karma and Wallowing

How is it that I come across cats that so love dogs?! These are pictures of Karma -- the cat that I picked up at a Barstow, California gas station in December.

This is Sydney getting a bath from Karma.

Once Sydney was done, Karma moved on to Halo...

I guess it is also rather unusual that I have dogs that so enjoy cats. I attribute this to the fact that every dog we have has been raised by the Feline Puppy Nanny, Noah, who apparently recruited an assistant in Karma.

When we were out to dinner in Utah this past weekend with Ireland and Cooper's new families (and Cali and Kate, who we miss very much) we counted up the Kaibab dogs we expect at this year's national Specialty: SEVENTEEN! This includes five F Litter puppies; the Glitterati will be too young to compete but maybe Cooper, Ruben and Sydney could come just to say hey to their friends :) I suspect we would have many willing puppy sitters!

This has been a challenging week for sure. Sometimes it is easy for me to dismiss how I am feeling because I so well know that others have it so much worse. While perspective is a good thing, it is also okay to feel rotten and sad about one's own trials -- even as we recognize that others have it much worse. I am not other people -- I am just me -- and so these are my trials and I find acknowledging how I am feeling allows me to feel it -- and then move on. Fighting with ourselves about how we honestly feel just gets in the way -- sometimes you just need to wallow and eat cookie dough in order to get on with things. Doesn't seem like it would make sense or work -- but it does :) Unfortunately my mixer is in Utah so no cookie dough but a little wallowing is good for the soul -- I feel much better, and that is helpful because today's trouble was smoke pouring out of an unused electrical socket... and did I mention the mixer is in Utah?!

Isn't life just one opportunity for growth after another?!!!


  1. Wonderful Karma Photos! I love the look on Karma's face when she is facing the camera. I wonder what she's thinking ... looks like she put Halo to sleep with her "karma kare".

    Oh boy...smoke pouring out of an electrical socket ~ no..way.. How are you suppose to sleep thru the night w/this stuff happening!

    In my world... I count to three (or less, depending on the gravity) of unacceptable living conditions. Smoke would be a huge issue especially after learning that the "other" issue not being up-to-code! I'm wondering what Kim is thinking/saying...will a Fire Marshall be paying your rental a visit? By the way, did you call the Fire Dept. yourself?

    I hope you can find another place...this one doesn't seem to have good karma. Shame on the landlord.

  2. Oh, boy, I second all of the above! Wallow away -- and you can also remind yourself that there are a whole bunch of us out here pulling for you.

    Great news about visits to Portland!!!

    (p.s. You don't need a mixer to make cookie dough)

    Susan and Djinn

  3. I echo Susan - you don't need a mixer to make cookie dough, the refrigerated stuff can work in a pinch, but then you'd have to get to your car and that isn't easy. So, wallow away!

    I also put up my hand as a puppy sitter at Specialty!

  4. I'm sorry you're going through all of this! It is definitely good to wallow once in a while...helps clear the head and the soul. And, you've put a lot of energy into other people and your 16 puppies for so long you should put some into yourself!

    I suspect Ruben will be at the Specialty and I know that Sydney and Cooper will be:) It's really too bad that they're too little to do anything. Cooper is doing so well at "standing pretty" on the grooming table and giving a good "look" with his ears forward!

    At least we have Berners during our 'wallowings'...they really do help!

  5. Hi M-A,

    We are sending you all the good thoughts and hugs we can muster! Your week sounds just awful! I agree with others that you should absolutely immerse yourself in cookie dough and take extra special care of yourself until this all passes.

    Now I know you are not big on swear words, but my friend and I have a saying about opportunities for growth . . . "Oh no, another (fill in the blank) growth experience!" Or for short . . . AFGE!

    Little Tara sends hugs and nose nuzzles to her grandma Mary-Ann.

  6. Dear Mary-Ann,

    Forget about the mixer in Utah and pull the corresponding circuit breaker for the smoking electrical outlet.

    Barb (& Ken & Maddie)