Thursday, January 1, 2009


I cannot resist sharing these pictures even though I have already posted for today.

We start with that crazy cat, Karma. It really is amazing how much she is like Noah (who is coming home from the vet this morning -- he got an infection and that sent his diabetes way out of whack). She likes to play with the puppies as you can see.

Jamaica kept a close eye on her to ensure that Karma did not try to steal any of the puppy toys.

Worn out from playing, the Glitterati -- including the odd looking one -- settle in for a nap.

This is Sydney. She wanted some attention so I played with her for a bit and then gave her to Cadi, who was sleeping on the kitchen floor. Sydney was not interested in eating -- she just wanted to have some fun.

This does not look nearly as fun for Cadi as it does for Sydney but Cadi -- one of the kindest creatures on the planet -- simply let Sydney play. Watching mothers and puppies has taught me that mothers RARELY get upset with a puppy -- and if they do, they simply get up and walk away. Tolerance -- not dominance -- is what you see in a mother with her puppies, and this is true even when they get bigger. There is a lesson in this...

This is a special picture that I will treasure -- it is Cadi's mom, Maize (age 8.5), with her granddaughter, Sydney.

I hope you enjoyed this Special Edition of the Blog -- have a great day!

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  1. Always such a joy to greet the morning with puppies and life philosophy. May we all be more tolerant of those we love.