Monday, January 19, 2009

Temperament Tests

Edie gave her permission to re-post the temperament tests so they are on YouTube. She wanted me to mention that if anyone has any questions about how/why she does testing you may write to her directly at:

I have re-posted most of them and will do the rest as time permits.

It sounds like the Glitterati who are in new homes are doing well. Joan will be by this morning to pick up Toronto, as I mentioned, and then we will head for Montana, meeting Gail along the way to deliver Sutton. The weather looks good and Heidi has done a great job taking care of our house in Montana (BIG THANKS TO HER). I am sad to leave Kim, other family and friends, and Utah, as you might imagine, and the weeks have flown by. But to leave is my path and so off we go on yet another adventure -- how grateful I am to have options and adventures in my life!

Have a wonderful, appreciative day.


  1. So many thanks for having let all of us share the Glitterati adventure -- it's been a unique and wonderful opportunity.

    Hope the snow isn't too high and the sun isn't too low!

    And thanks to Edie for allowing us to see the temperament tests again.

    All the best,

    Susan and Djinn

  2. I was so disappointed to miss meeting all the Glitterati families this past weekend. Toronto has been home here with me for a couple hours now. So far he has chased Bella around, carried around a tennis ball, met a friendly dog through the fence, gone for a walk all the way around the soccer field next door, and had a bath! He has been such a trooper, following along really well, tail held high and wagging no matter what comes his way (well, except for his bath, through much of which he cry-babied!). I took him out back for just a few minutes at first, but he kept going back to the door whining to go out again. After 2 times in the back yard, we went to the soccer field. Then came the bath, and after getting dried off and running around the house he was back at the door wanting to go out back again!! Now, he is (thankfully) quietly sleeping in his ex-pen :) Can't thank M-A enough for the quality of this pup! By the way, we settled on Kaibab's Grateful to Galen for his registered name to acknowlege the special care given by his puppy nanny, and his call name will be Rainey. Look forward to all of us staying in touch!

  3. Thank you Mary-Ann, Galen, Kim, Cadi,
    pups for the gift of watching the G litter grow! I've enjoyed many "Oh, Aww" and insightful moments and plenty of smiles.
    To you and yours, the new owners, blog family and all of the pups:
    Have a good life!