Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Little Bit of News

Things are settling down nicely here in Montana. We still cannot drive the van to the house but have gotten used to driving the big truck the three miles to the van. The electrician found "loose connections" and repaired those so I think we are safe. And it is supposed to be above freezing during the day for the next week -- maybe some of the ice will melt?!

Specialty Training Week One has gone very well. I am very happy with how well Zoey is tracking and added a turn to today's track, which she did without trouble. I met all of Cadi's training goals -- five days of obedience, three days of agility, and two days of tracking! How can I accomplish so much?? Consider that there is not that much to do out here! I work, hang out with Galen, hike with the dogs and train them. I will make some adjustments in Week Two and get ready to check off more little boxes :)

This is a picture I took this evening from our deck as the sun was going down -- isn't it lovely?

Now that Cadi and Sydney have reached an agreement to stop nursing, they are playing more together. Here is Cadi, Sydney and Zoey having a three way tug with a toy.

Sydney went to work again today and also did two little hikes so she is tired. Actually, I think she is just resting up so she can be our 3:30 a.m. wake up call again tomorrow -- sigh...

Did I already mention Maize's news? I do not think so... Maize had ten puppies in two litters -- all ten have been evaluated for hips and elbows. All ten cleared hips and 8/10 cleared elbows -- a very good rate for each (although we wish the elbows were 100% also). In addition, Molly (human, age 13) and Fiona (Maize's daughter) earned an agility title this past weekend, and that made four working titled offspring for Mrs. Maize -- so she is a Top Producer of Working Titled Dogs! Maize is the Glitterati Grandma so you can see those puppies have good stuff behind them :)

I hope you have things to celebrate -- if nothing seems obvious, keep looking because there is always something!


  1. So glad to see your post today! I missed puppy pictures yesterday. The three-way tug picture is awesome! Sydney looks so much like Cadi!

  2. It is a beautiful picture you took from your deck. ~ When you get tired of teaching, you can easily pick up a different career, hint, hint :D

    Did the electrician say why there was smoke coming out of an electrical socket that was not in use? Just loose wires?

    Love the photos. Sydney looks like she is seriously related to Maize :D