Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun and First Family

Last night we were in the living room talking and the puppies were just hilarious -- soon we had stopped talking and were just laughing at their antics. They had quite the game of tug-o-war with a leash going, but in about four different directions with nobody making any gains. Then Karma jumped in and that was very funny. They totally tag team her and she just plays along. One would have her tail and another an ear -- and then she would be buried under a pile of puppies only to emerge with dignity fully intact, if a bit slobbery. The puppies scamper off with toys, happily being chased by siblings. They wrestle, bark and in all ways are just very cute miniature dogs these days.

This morning was also fun. Cadi needs to nurse less as she is quite thin so I made them a breakfast of a chicken and banana smoothie. They had nursed at 1:30 a.m., 4:30 a.m. and this was 6 a.m. so they were not crazy hungry but they thought it was interesting enough. I usually feed puppies separately to avoid feeding frenzies but these puppies apparently are so well fed that they are not really all that frenzied about food so I used two big dinner plates and let them share.

After that I went in with them to take pictures and visit, and Zoey Rose came along to play. They love playing with Zoey -- once they all figure out there is no nursing opportunities :) And Zoey is great - she gets toys and tries to make them all chase her around, which they are happy to do. They wrestle and bite and bark and so on -- and just have a great time. So some played with her and some sat on me (i.e., chewed on me) and they frequently swapped places.

I keep forgetting to tell you that they are 100% with their potty area now. About one-third of their area in the living room is designated as a potty zone with newspaper covered with a fleece, and the rest is bare floor -- they only potty in their area! They finish eating or playing and race over to pee -- very accomplished puppies :)

So let's do pictures and then meet the first family -- yikes, it sounds like I am sending a puppy to the White House! Not quite! As much as I respect and support the Obamas, I do not think they fit my criteria for a puppy :)

This is Whitby, tired after the play session.

Here is Zoey facilitating a play session -- she is very skilled!

Toronto also getting ready for a nap (the best time to snap pictures, unless your hair is getting pulled, as it was).

Extra cute Sydney, who looks more and more like her mama.

Sutton found another use for the dinner plates!

Here you can really see how we identify Jamaica -- two dots.

A nice profile of Ireland.

Hudson trying to interest someone in a game of tug -- or maybe a walk?

Kaibab's Gonna Break Me Some Hearts (aka Hudson)

Finally, Geneva's reaction on being told that absolutely not -- she cannot be a cheerleader!

There are two puppies that will be placed as show puppies with the intention of becoming Versatility Dogs -- they are not being sold as breeding dogs. In fact, no breeding dogs are being sold to anyone from this litter -- not because the puppies are not good enough but simply because I have a closed breeding program and do not sell breeding dogs.

The first family we will meet is getting one of the show puppies -- a boy. They have been very dedicated and willing to follow all my crazy requirements. They even drove all the way to Montana so I could meet them, which was great because since they have kids I needed to see what kind of parents they are -- I was very impressed :) Their son was very well mannered and sweet with the F Litter. So meet our first Glitterati family:

"Hello! I'm Jennifer Graffunder. My husband Ralph and I live with our three kids Alex, Jakob and Marielle on a couple of acres in a little tiny town called Cove, OR. It's about 20 minutes outside of La Grande.

We have another Berner named Britta who is about 1 1/2 years old and we are currently working toward a goal of getting her novice rally and obedience titles. Britta often goes to work with me and our walks at lunch and during breaks help to keep me sane and balanced during my day as as a caseworker for the state child welfare system. I'm confident that she, too, will love the new puppy and that she will share her place sitting and laying on my feet. My husband was a past K-9 Handler for a local police department and, although he loves dogs too, the Berners are my special joy. I had another Berner in high school and college that I showed in obedience and Jr. Showmanship. Since then, my heart has always longed for others. I love Berners...their looks, strength, quickness, intelligence and gentleness.

I have been looking for a Berner baby boy that I could take in the the "beauty pageant" ring as well as do obedience and drafting with. I started looking early last summer. Long search, but short story later, I found Kaibab and started talking to Mary-Ann. I have learned so much about Berners, integrity and the art of raising puppies from her blog, website and emails. I was looking for someone who bred Berners for beauty, solid temperament, working ability and all of the things that they were meant to do and be. And, most importantly, I was looking for someone who loved their dogs and the puppies that they breed and who will stay involved with the new family and puppy. As you all know...Mary-Ann is that person!

My husband, Alex and I drove to Montana to meet the F litter and thoroughly enjoyed everyone we met there...puppies and humans! Now we hope for the snow to disappear for a while so we can get out of our valley and make the drive to Salt Lake City! Alex will be nine just two days after our trip and he is definitely convinced that a new Berner would make a great birthday present! He is getting interested in showing and will be ready for the Jr. Showmanship ring and 4-H in a year.

We are really excited to get a Glitterati puppy and very honored that Mary-Ann has chosen us for one of her very loved and cared for puppies!"

We are excited to have one of the special puppies go to be part of Jennifer's family, and know he will be well loved.

Thanks for visiting us today and I hope your day is filled with fun and good karma.


  1. Congratulations Jennifer, Ralph and kids! A Kaibab puppy is truly a special thing! I have Sula, now Peaches from the F litter.

    And... I know where Cove, Oregon is! I've even been there. I live in Portland and was part of Cycle Oregon support for many, many years and hence have been to and/or stayed in lots of small towns in Oregon that most people have never heard of. It's beautiful country out your way! If I had to chose another area in Oregon to live besides Portland is would be Eastern Oregon!

    Have fun with your new pup! Maybe we'll meet at the Specialty this spring.

    Peaches and Ochoco the pups
    Portland, OR

  2. Thank you Terri! I remember you and Sula well from the F litter blog and from meeting her!

    This is a great part of Oregon (I'm going to keep telling myself that over and over while we continue to dig the four foot snow drift out of our driveway this afternoon!)...we're surrounded by lots of mountains and gorgeous orchards! We haven't been able to see them for a few days now and visibility is down to about zero, but it's very nice here (I am ready for summer though!).

    Britta, Kaibab's G....... and I will be at the specialty this year and I hope to meet everyone who has one of the Kaibab youngsters there!

    And thank you again Mary-Ann....we are counting down the days!

  3. Congratulations to Jennifer and family. I hope we get to meet you in Portland! Megan and Molly (my 13 year old twin daughters) would love to meet your son and share Juniors tips and woes! Megan has Purna from the F litter and Molly has Fiona from the D litter. My dog is Maverick from the C litter! Showing dogs is a great family affair.

    Marti and the gang
    Costa Mesa CA