Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pictures From Barb!

Barb made it home safely and only one speeding ticket! Sigh. She emailed some pictures from her visit, which was great because my camera was still at the wrestling tournament while she was here.

This is Kate holding her favorite puppy, Jamaica. However, when she discovered that her friend, Aidan, loved Geneva, she quickly switched loyalty so as to keep Geneva away from Aidan. Luckily they did not fight over poor Geneva but simply tried to get the other one to turn the sleepy beauty queen over through various trickery methods and manipulations -- it was quite amusing.

Hudson is anxious to learn his permanent name so he can start perfecting his autograph.

Here is the subject of 13 year old girl scheming -- cute little Geneva on the Christmas berner.

This one is for Heidi who is checking my house in Montana -- she likes the rude puppies. Poor Heidi -- things have been challenging up there and she has been a trooper :) Sorry you got stuck on our road, Heidi!!!

Here is Aidan safely in possession of her favorite, Geneva.

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  1. Getting stuck was worth the rude puppy picture!! I just love their little mouths and tongues! Makes me want to nibble!!!! *smile*