Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wet Puppies

Marianne asked about the wet puppies and so I thought I would share these pictures. To me, the most significant criticism of Sydney is that she has more leg under her than Jamaica, and I agree with this. I wanted less leg than Cadi and while both puppies have less leg, Sydney has more than Jamaica. When the puppies are wet, you can see that while she still has more leg, the difference between the two is not that great.

I needed to factor in other things as well. While I would prefer less leg, I like Sydney's front and topline a little better. Jamaica does not have a bad front or a bad topline but I just prefer Sydney's a little more. And Sydney has a more pushy temperament -- while Jamaica is an upbeat puppy and fun, she is also an easy puppy. And so I also needed to consider which puppy really needed to be with me and which one would do better with Barb, who is taking the other show girl.

Watch Sydney's temperament test (Jamaica's will be up soon) and you will see that she is more like a high powered sports car -- they are a lot of fun but not everyone can drive one. Jamaica is also fun but easy -- a convertible perhaps! And so it was not just about what I wanted but how the puzzle pieces best fit together, and luckily for me, it happens that the best way for it all to fit together means that I got the puzzle piece that I wanted.

It is hard to judge puppies from pictures -- I get to see them in real life and so have information about them that is more complete than what words and pictures can do. I got great input from people I trust -- and my final choice disagrees with some and agrees with others. But since I am the one who lives with the choice -- and I mean that literally -- it is appropriate that the choice is mine to make, even as I so appreciate the feedback I received.

So these first two pictures are of the two girls -- first is Sydney and then Jamaica. Keep in mind that it is hard to get good stacked pictures of puppies!

And here are the same two puppies from the front -- Sydney first and then Jamaica.

And this is Rock Star -- he is not a hard puppy to stack or love.

So looking at the pictures, what are your thoughts? And it is perfectly okay for us to disagree -- some of us already have!


  1. Seeing the wet-puppy photos is really interesting!

    Because the two side-on photos show the puppies at slightly different sizes, I copied them and manipulated the images until they were more or less the same size. Once I'd done that, I could see that Jamaica is quite a bit longer in the body than Sydney; in fact, I wonder if her legs look a bit shorter because her body is longer??

    I'm glad you've made the choice and are happy with it. (And I still love Jamaica!)

    Susan and Djinn

  2. I can see how getting them wet is helpful. You are so right ~ both girls are lovely.

    I see a very appealing front on Sydney. At this age & think Sydney is a bit more balanced.

    Then there is Rock Star ~ there is nothing there to critique. :D He is simply awesome! I loved the photo you had of Hudson's rear(a while ago). A Future Powerhouse in the making.

    I hope we can see photos of these beauties as they grow.

  3. All you need to do is switch legs to have the "perfect puppy"... :) They are both great choices but M/A always makes wise, calculated decisions...
    Jamaica does have a nice, broad head in the pics.
    Can't wait to meet ALL of them - don't let anyone leave until we get there!!!!

    Cindy H.