Friday, January 16, 2009


We are getting ready to hand off puppies to their new families -- once again a reminder that joy and sadness are the two sides of life's coin. Some pictures...

Kay and Sue will be taking Rock Star home to live with his great-uncle Riley and his uncle Dillon; Hudson's new name is Ruben.

This is from Thursday -- but I think it might be my most favorite of Cali and Kate.

This is also from Thursday - this is Joan with her puppy, Toronto. Joan promises to have a name for him when she gets back from her weekend in New Mexico.

This is Jamaica with her new family -- Barb and Keith. She will also soon have a new name -- Lucy?

Hudson -- now Ruben -- was quite tired from all the fun of meeting his new family and fell fast asleep in the food bowl!

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  1. The puppies look so much bigger and more grown-up than they did last week!

    So nice to see all those smiling families. New adventures for the Glitterati! Best wishes for all of them.

    Susan and Djinn