Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Time of Transitions

No matter your political inclinations, I hope you are able to appreciate living in a time of historical significance as we begin the process of transitioning to a new president -- a man who could not even have voted in the not so distant past. It is a reminder to all of us that we live in a constantly changing and evolving world, and I look forward to a time when others who live without fundamental rights can have their day in history.

My grandfather was a well known historian and professor -- first at Princeton and then at Berkeley. When I was about 12 I remember asking him what history was, and he answered that it was anything that happened in the past. I told him that I had dropped my pencil yesterday and so was that history? I still smile at his answer: "yes, but it is not very interesting history."

Each of us creates our own history -- by dropping pencils or becoming president. That history is uniquely ours and yet touches the lives of others, and so we do not make our personal histories in a vacuum. Our Glitterati are becoming part of other people's life stories -- or personal histories. They won't show up on CNN or FOX, but that does not make them any less significant. The beauty of history is -- I suppose -- that we get to decide what is interesting and what is not. I think creating puppies that will go on to become part of another family's history is an honor, and that the opportunity to blend my life story with other people is a unique privilege that the puppies have created for me.

Last night I was thinking how grateful I am for the friendships I have made through the dogs. Cindy arrived last night with John and Kristine, and I was once again struck with how easy our friendship is -- she is like a sister to me. Cali and Kate went to dinner with us, and I drove home thinking about how grateful I am to have had a chance to become friends with Cali and Armand, who are such wonderful people -- and the chance to see other people's children grow up is such a special joy. And the new families we are welcoming into our lives -- how exciting to be building relationships with such special people. The puppies have given all of us the opportunity to blend histories with people we would have not otherwise met, and so once again I am reminded that it is not "just" a dog.

But we are down to "just" four -- the puppy formerly known as Whitby and now Cooper left early this morning to make his way to a new life in Oregon. The puppy formerly known as Ireland and now Mika will leave later this morning for her new life in California. Tomorrow morning Joan will arrive early to take the puppy formerly and currently known as Toronto (aka T-Town) to his new life a few miles away from our Salt Lake City home, and then the rest of us head for Montana to continue creating our unique and personal histories. It is definitely a bittersweet time -- a time of stark transitioning.

Here is my long-suffering husband who definitely deserves an award for being such a great guy! He is holding Hudson (now Ruben) and Sutton.

This is Whitby (now Cooper) and his new family -- Ralph, Jennifer and Alex. The two other kids are home in Oregon waiting to meet Cooper.

John and Kristine were very happy to finally meet their new little girl -- the puppy formerly known as Ireland and now Mika.

This is Jennifer and Alex yesterday as we all visited with the puppies.

While Sue from Arizona was bundled up in sixteen layers and still shivering, Armand demonstrates climate acclimation.

And here they are -- the Glitterati at eight weeks with members of their fan club.

As we make our way through life, writing the pages of our personal histories with all the drama and joy and sorrow that life contains, we all definitely need a fan club. We need people who think what we do is interesting, and who answer our questions, celebrate our joys and share our sorrows -- I hope you have such a contingent and if not, that you will work on creating one. Thank you for being part of the history of the Glitterati -- you are appreciated.

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  1. Some of the lucky Glitterati people, as well as some of those who have F litter pups, live close enough to Oregon so that they MIGHT make it to the Specialty. Any way all of us fans can identify them and meet up with them? That would be great!

    Susan and Djinn (who will be at Portland!)