Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Is Up

What is up here at Puppy Central is a lot of things to do! Joan and I just got back from the eye clinic, where all puppies are confirmed to have eyeballs that work just fine. The puppies had fun trying to remodel the room -- Toronto thought the tile should not be placed at just that angle and so tried to remove it while others moved the garbage can and chewed on the wall. It was not at all stressful for the puppies -- they are such good little babies :) They are now all asleep and await the next adventure, which is the vet coming over tomorrow morning.

The temperament testing was excellent with no surprises. The tester, Edie, has been my training coach for several years and therefore knows all of my dogs, including Abra. This is the fourth litter she has tested for me and so she has a good perspective. She loved the litter. As a group, they are mellow, non-reactive and gentle. The strongest personality in the litter, as I knew, is Sydney. Not only does she look like her mom, but she has a personality like Cadi -- lots of energy, high drive. Hudson is second to her but all of the puppies have wonderful working attitude and all are very sweet, kind puppies. Edie was very complimentary of this litter, calling them consistent and balanced. I am very happy with this litter and think the new owners will love them.

The temperament testing confirmed my choices for puppy placements. Last time I did not reveal my puppy choice until the end, but this time I will start. I have gone back and forth between Jamaica and Sydney. Jamaica was the pick of most people but I consistently leaned towards Sydney. I got both puppies wet last night and that changed the picture (literally) and changed some minds. They are both very nice girls and I would be happy with either of them.

That said, Sydney will be joining our family on a permanent basis. Her registered name will be Kaibab's Going Places and she will remain Sydney, in honor of the Australian connections (Cadi's dad and Cassie, our future daughter-in-law). She will start training for tracking as soon as we get back to Montana, and we will also begin obedience work and training for her career as a Beauty Queen. I am very comfortable and happy with this choice -- it feels like the right one.

There are no pictures today -- I am working on posting more of the temperament test on YouTube. And tomorrow we will meet the last family and then on Friday the new families start arriving!

I hope your eyes are working as well as the puppies and that your temperament is as stellar :) Have a great day and thanks for visiting!


  1. So good to hear the results of the pups eye testing ~ they each have a pair of eyeballs! I knew this was an outstanding litter, hee, hee.

    I thought (from the Blog info) that Jamaica was the one who has the strongest personality in the group. Maybe she was just the most vocal.

    Can you share w/us what you saw when the pups were wet? That is so special that Edie has been your mentor. Thank you Edie ~ you & Mary-Ann have helped all of us. I appreciate the objectivity in rating the pups.

    An excellent breeding between Cadi & Jed. Not only do they look well-balanced, they are mellow & loving.

    Congratulations to all you future Kaibab owners!

  2. Uh oh... I have been attacked by Kaibab Fever. The temperament testing has pushed me to the edge. Is there a puppy nanny in the house??

    Hudson and Ireland with the miror ... I'll take one of each please. Like the doctor says, take two & call me in the morning.

    Whitby & Sutton... lover boys. Fantastic litter Mary-Ann. I so look forward to watching them grow. :D