Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Danger Ahead -- OUCH

These puppies are getting very dangerous - visitors are warned to wear protective clothing! Taking this morning's pictures was quite the adventure and I was not disappointed to see them all start getting tired :) Even sweet little Geneva was getting her bites in. I plan to go to PetSmart today and stock up on new chew toys as apparently they are bored with the ones they have and think I am delicious!

But they are truly so adorable and very, very cuddly -- even when attached to one's flesh or clothes. They enjoyed their chicken smoothie this morning and seem to be getting the hang of this eating thing. They are very playful and I hope the weather warms up a little today so they can play in the new snow. They will also be having some visitors today so it should be a full day here at Puppy Central.

Let's look at pictures and then meet the next family.

I took this last night -- it is all eight puppies and that is Hudson looking up.

This is cute, disheveled Whitby.

This is Whitby and Jamaica having a conference about how to take down Hudson, who already inspires jealousy wherever he goes.

Toronto is also ready for advanced obedience.

Sutton continues to find dinner plates very useful.

Now we move on to the girls -- here is Sydney running from Ireland, who wants that very valuable empty plastic bottle.

A close-up of Sydney -- isn't she cute?

Yes, that is indeed someone's tail in Jamaica's mouth! At least she isn't barking!



I emailed Kay and Sue some time ago and offered them a boy from Cadi's litter -- Sue has been ready for some time but Kay politely declined because she still has two wonderful Kaibab boys that keep her busy. Here is how I imagine this went down -- every morning Sue would get on the Blog (and before the Blog, check her email for puppy pictures) and say, "Kay! Look at these pictures!!! Aren't they such beautiful puppies?! This went on through the E Litter, the F Litter and finally, the G Litter.

But Kay resisted day after day, until one day appeared a lovely picture of Kate and Hudson, and Kay's resolve melted. I got an email letting me know that there had been a change of heart, and I was THRILLED.

Kay and Sue will be getting a show boy that we will co-own. Sue will spoil him, Kay will train him, and I will beam proudly -- a perfect arrangement!

Here is the intro from Kay:

"Hi everyone. My name is Kay Morrow and I am happy to say that my friend, Susan Norman, and I will be bringing a Glitterati boy home to Phoenix, Arizona. We both work out of our home so will have plenty of time to enjoy our new pup. Sue works as an interior designer with her own design business. She also teaches an interior design class at Arizona State. I work as a graphic designer for a publishing company and, in my spare time, like to play with, train and show my dogs.

I acquired my first Bernese, a female, in 1984 after seeing a photo of one in the AKC breed book. The Berner in the photo was not only beautiful but also had a kind expression. After I did more research, I knew it was the breed for me. Since then, we've shared our home with six other Berners, all males. Over the years our Berners have earned 3 CH's, 6 CD's, 3 CDX's, 1 UD, 1 TD, 3NDD's and 1 RAE. Two of my boys also did therapy work in nursing homes. We've certainly had great fun, traveled to numerous places and met many nice people on our dog adventures.

About nine years ago, I contacted Eden Jonas in Colorado seeking a sound and healthy puppy with working ability. She referred me to Mary-Ann and we were lucky enough to get a puppy from her A litter. His name is CH Kaibab's Above Suspicion CDX RAE NDD (Riley). He is my second BMDCA Versatility Dog and is now 8.5 years old. Riley would like me to mention that he is also a professional model because he's so handsome.

In addition to Riley, we have his C litter nephew, Kaibab's Cruising Together CD RA (Dillon), who is 3 years old. He is also Cadi's brother and therefore an uncle to the Glitterati. Dillon is currently working on Open obedience, drafting, tracking and rally so he keeps me busy. I suspect Dillon will enjoy having a puppy around to play with.

Each Berner I've lived and worked with has been different and had their own personality. All have been a delight and we look forward to getting to know our new pup as well as the other lucky Glitterati families."

I am really grateful to have Kay and Sue as a home for a Glitterati, and expect we will be seeing their puppy in PetSmart ads just like his very handsome Uncle Riley! I know you will all love Kay and Sue as much as we do when you get a chance to meet :)

So the two show boy homes have been introduced -- tomorrow we will meet the show girl home (besides me, who you already know!).

I hope you are having a day free of dangers and full of fun! Thanks for visiting and for your good wishes for our new families.


  1. I LOVE the photo of Whitby & Jamaica! Their expressions, plotting something devious for their poor, innocent brother, Hudson.
    Whitby, you shouldn't be jealeous of Hudson. Ladies like guys who looks a bit disheveled... go with it!

    Congrats to Sue & Kay! I hope I get a chance to meet you. We all live in PHX. Will you be going to the Dog Show in Feb?

  2. Not sure which Dog Show in February, but for sure Dillon will be entered in the PFOC OB Trials. Kay hopes to have Dillon ready to enter the draft test at the Regional as well. Hope to see you at one of the events. S

  3. What? Jamaica can't chew and bark at the same time?

    Congratulations to Sue and Kay -- lucky people, lucky puppy.

    Susan and Djinn

  4. Congratulations to all of the soon to be new parents of the Glitter pups!
    Yesterday, I caught up on their blog & pics, having been in withdrawal over
    the weekend. They were more adorable yesterday and even more so today!
    Give Cadi and her babies a gentle hug from me. Jill Evans