Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last but Not Least and Running Water

We traveled to Montana yesterday and met Gail at a rest stop, making me feel as if I was engaged in a drug deal instead of sending off the last puppy to his new family! Sutton is now Murphy, and you can see from this picture that it was a good match :)

The rest of the evening went downhill quickly. We live in a rented house/cabin outside of Missoula. A plumber who was to fix a broken pipe yesterday could not do the job because the plumping is not to code and so what was to be a simple task is a bigger one as a result. They can fix it on Thursday but in the meantime we have no water. The landlord may be able to get it handled sooner -- let's hope.

We knew this in advance so had stopped to buy water, but the next problem was that we could not drive up the road to the house. The landlord had assured me prior to renting the house that I did not need four wheel drive -- well, let's just say that it is true if one does not mind hiking almost a mile in the dark, which I do. And so St. Heidi came up in her dad's big truck and drove me to the house to get my big truck that I bought after all the people who live out here laughed when I told them what the landlord said about not needing four wheel drive.

In the dark -- and unless you live in the country you have no concept of dark -- and the ice, we ferried all dogs and cats and water and "stuff" to the house in the truck, and then left the van 2.5 miles away. I was not having warm and happy thoughts about Montana or the landlord or any of this, as you might imagine.

So Heidi saved the day and we all made it in one piece. I miss Kim, running water, street lights, central heat, and my driveway. This morning I am not feeling like this particular adventure is what I want to do with my life, and I think the first step is to try and find a new place to live...

On a happier note, Sydney is adjusting well and appreciates having the whole Dairy Bar to herself!


  1. Mary-Ann - did the Psychopath come out to greet you? What does Karma think of him? Glad to hear you made it home safely.

  2. As we celebrate a new day in our nation, it is also a new day for you! I hope all goes well in the next few days as you transition away from raising lots of puppies to raising and training your very own pups and older dogs, to focusing on a new job and if need be finding a new place to live.

    Thanks for the precious gift of Peaches!


  3. Oh my goodness! I am just shaking my head at what you are going through with cabin/house. I hope the landlord is giving you $$ off the rent.

    Yes, what a good match with Sutton. Great photo!

    I sure hope things will get better with the housing situation asap. Hang in there!