Sunday, September 27, 2009

Agility Noah

Our cat, Noah, has been visiting my daughter (Nicole) in Utah because his diabetes was quite out of control. We wanted him treated by our Salt Lake vet and Nicole was very dedicated to getting a handle on his whacky blood sugar. We are leaving him with her indefinitely, but Nicole and Noah came up for a quick visit this weekend.

As you know, Noah is quite the Feline Puppy Nanny and was happy to see all the girls that he has raised.

Noah is doing so well that he decided it was time to do some agility! Nicole was the handler and here they are getting ready for their course...

The course started with the tunnel, and Noah did great at that!

His weaves were not exactly border collie fast, but he is, after all, a cat (don't tell him that though!).

All right -- we finally finished the weaves and it was on to the teeter -- not a big challenge for a cat...

Jumping was a little problematic...

But his table?? WOW

Just one problem -- he refused to get off the table and settled in for a nap. He was not at all disturbed when we did some work with Halo -- after all, he said, there was room on the table for both of them!

Sigh... Table count is normally five seconds -- Noah was going on 15 minutes...

The walk of shame -- pulled off the course for being uncooperative and refusing to wake up from his cat nap :)

Hope your day is an unexpectedly fun one!


  1. Noah is much more agile than my Marvin! :-)
    Cute photos!!

  2. Cute and wonderful Noah! Glad he is doing well! Any news about Girly?