Friday, September 25, 2009

Life Goes On (for some)

I am trying to finish the week before I give in to the trauma and sorrow about the vanished cat.

In the meantime, life has to go forward, if under a dark, heavy cloud. The beauty of a dog is that she lives only in the moment, happy at the gifts of the present.

Zoey and Sydney enjoyed playing this morning -- Zoey likes to chase toys and Sydney likes to chase Zoey...

Here is Syd

Zoey avoiding her tail being pulled by just being still with her toy for a moment.

Zoey waiting for me to again throw the yellow ball with feet.

The chase is on.

Sharing is nice :)

Air Zoey

Hope you have it in you to be playful today.


  1. Hi Mary-Ann,

    I'm so sorry that "Girly" kitty has not returned home. I've been through that and it seems the hardest part is the "not knowing" part. Not knowing/fearing what might have happened mixed with the hope she might just show up.

    My thoughts are with you and Girly.

    Terri and the pups

  2. Missing cats -- it's awful, and you somehow feel so responsible. Just for luck, here's a story with a good ending: I was away for nearly three weeks, with my neighbour looking after my animals. When I got home, Angus-the-cat was gone. For two weeks.

    I was at the mailbox one day, and asked a different neigbbour, whose dog had died recently, how she was bearing up. Oh, she said -- it's getting a bit better. And d'you know what? A cat has showed up at my house to keep me company..." You can guess the rest. Now Angus splits his time between us, foraging for the best dinners on offer.

    I hope you'll be able to tell as good a story about Girly soon.

    and Djinn