Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smoke From a Not-So-Distant Fire

The smoke from the fire has settled on our valley and I cannot even see the mountains, which as you know are very close to us. That heavy smoke feels a bit metaphorical for me right now, as I find myself in a personal smoky, dark space. Isn't it interesting how we can move in and out of darkness, even as nothing around us really seems all that different? The mountains, which were so close and brilliant, now seem unreal -- like there could not really be anything out there except that heavy, dark smoke. It is all about perspective I suppose, and sometimes that is hard to adjust.

The missing cat heaped fuel on my personal bonfire -- I wish she would come home.

But the thing about dogs is that even on days when you really need to just go to bed with kleenex and cookie dough, you have to keep plugging along somehow. And so Galen and I took the puppies to the river...

This first shot is of the puppies on the edge of the river -- isn't it just beautiful?

It was Zoey's first time at the river and she is a definite water dog. On the other hand (paw), Sydney was not sure about all that wet stuff and only peer pressure got her in -- see for yourself...

And now we have Zoey enjoying the water -- she happily retrieved sticks and just enjoyed running and leaping in the water. Remember Air Zoey??

I hope there are no fires burning near you, and that your outlook is bright and sunny.


  1. The expression on Sydney's face reminds me of Mika's this summer while at Lake Tahoe -- only peer pressure got her into the water, shallow only of course.