Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Day Off -- aahhhhhhh

How wonderful to have a weekend at home! My new rule is no more back-to-back weekends on the road during the school year as it is just too disruptive. But that is all behind me and we are enjoying a lovely, relaxing day at home. I walked dogs, made zucchini bread, unpacked from last weekend and so on -- I need about two weeks of days like this.

So I have nothing exciting to report and just wanted to share some pictures. First of all, that fire continues to burn -- I took this from our back deck.

Here is very cute and now one year old Zoey...

Sydney was feeling photogenic today -- first here she is with her cousin, Asia...

And here she is with her mom, Cadi, in what is now one of my new favorite pictures -- aren't they just lovely together?! And what a resemblance!

I hope you are having a very relaxing weekend -- come on over and enjoy some zucchini bread!

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  1. That last picture is wonderful. You should do a Berner-U photography class.