Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hot and Humid -- YUCK

Okay, let me try and think about the positive aspects of weather that is hot and sticky. Well, it makes my hair quite curly. I hear it is good for the skin. That about wraps it up. Oh -- and it won't last forever :)

While we were sitting around watching our hair curl and our skin glow, I took a couple of pictures of Halo's family. Here are Asia (age two) and Zoey (one year tomorrow, Sept. 2!)...

The dogs were too hot to move so I grabbed Halo and stuck her next to them and here we go -- Halo and her daughters!

So yes, it is time to celebrate the F Litter's first birthday! In honor of it, Cadi and Maize will be in another parade :) I have asked F Litter folks for recent pictures and updates to share on the Blog but most are slackers and have not yet responded -- I guess we will see who REALLY loves their puppy...

Heidi shares that her glass is half empty AND she is sure someone spit in it when she was not looking -- sigh. I think we need to work on that attitude, Missy!

And do you remember all the angst trying to pick the best picture of Zoey? Well, we used the flower one in the ad and the other one that everyone liked so much was used in the color BernerGarde ad in the same issue of the Alpenhorn! The person designing the BernerGarde ad loved that picture so asked if he could use it -- of course I said yes. Isn't that funny? Both favorite pictures showed up in the magazine :)

Waiting for fall....

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  1. OK that did not feel very fair. I am not a slacker just busy during the day. I was going to bath Purna and take her picture and post. Just could not get there today.

    So tomorrow. It has made it to the top of the list. :) I really do love my energizer bunny.