Monday, August 31, 2009

Angry Red Welts or What a View!

This afternoon Galen and I took a couple of our girls on a walk that I discovered last week. It starts just about two miles from our house and is a loop through a meadow and then back along the river.

I was reminded that experiences are all about perspective. I could be annoyed that I am now sporting some lovely new mosquito bites or I can celebrate that I waded in the river like I was eight years old -- and had fun doing it.

Life is always going to have mosquito bites and when we focus on those, we cannot also focus on all the reasons we have to celebrate. Yes, it is sometimes hard not to scratch but I think it is worth trying :)

One thing I admire about dogs is that they just do not sweat the little stuff -- and they find reasons to be happy about most everything. We took the dogs that we thought would most enjoy the river -- certainly Asia but Maize also enjoyed the chance to be a mermaid. It is hard not to smile when your dogs remind you how much fun it is to get wet and dirty.

Asia LOVES water of any kind, and she especially enjoys her trips to the Bitterroot River. Here she is fetching a stick and then just enjoying walking around in the water.

And here is Maize -- she makes it easy to forget that she is nine!

And this could be my all time favorite of Mrs. Maize -- I used the zoom lens so she was fooled and did not know I was taking a picture and that is why she looks so good ;)

Finally, we saw this cool woodpecker on the way back to the car.

Is the glass half empty or half full? You get to decide that and that freedom is just another reason to feel grateful :) I will have half a glass of chocolate milk please -- how about you??

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  1. I had to giggle about the mosquito bites. I took the dogs for a walk along a canal yesterday and I too, am sporting new red spots. I am choosing to think of this as the glass is definitely half full! The dogs had a blast and so did I!!!

    Love the sneaky Mrs Maize photo! Asia looks like the can tell she loves the water. :-)