Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Price of War and New Adventures

This is not a political commentary on war, but rather I wanted to share yet another life impacted by the conflicts across the oceans. As I have previously mentioned, we have a guest living with us -- Brighton. She was "Aggie" in our D Litter, the daughter of Maize and Zack. At eight weeks old, Brighton went off to live in Nebraska with a wonderful couple, who last year added a human baby to their little family.

The husband of this family is an Air Force physician and they have been sent to Japan, and from there Cole is being deployed. With much sorrow and many tears, Brighton's family left her with me and recently made the courageous decision to let Brighton go to a new forever family.

Brighton has enjoyed her time at Camp Montana. She loves playing with her 3/4 sisters, Asia and Zoey, and her niece, Sydney. Brighton is very well behaved and has caused no trouble in her weeks with us, but she deserves to have her very own family again -- and soon she will! Next week Brighton will move to Iowa City to live with her new family -- Carol from our Blog community will be welcoming Brighton into her life.

Here are some pictures of cute Brighton that I took tonight -- notice her winking in one :)

Brighton's trip to Iowa will be part of our next adventure. On Tuesday, Brighton will pile in the van with Zoey and Cadi and off we will go -- across Montana and South Dakota, meeting Carol on Wednesday morning in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

After sending Brighton and Carol off on their new life together, Zoey and Cadi and I will head north to Stillwater, Minnesota where we have an action packed four nights/five days planned with our friends, the Osojnickis.

Kris Osojnicki and I have been friends for over a decade but we only see each other at the Specialty, and those are too busy to get any time together. We invented Twitter before Twitter did -- for years we have emailed every day and all day the answer to that question, "what are you doing" but also everything else you can imagine -- it is a ongoing conversation of years and years duration.

Three years ago we were supposed to meet in Nebraska at a show -- and Abra got cancer instead. The next year Abra was nearing the end of her time with us and last year we had a pregnant girl -- so finally (knock on wood and cross your fingers!) this is our year!

We have been planning the schedule for months -- it involves agility training, tracking training, baking (and eating) scones and cookies (I am bringing my fancy mixer), eating Culvers frozen custard every day, showing Zoey in puppy sweeps and bred-by at the Minnesota Regional Specialty, showing Cadi in Best of Breed at the Regional, and in three days of agility as well. We might also go to the Mall of America and a few other fun things are planned, but mostly we will have fun and talk in person instead of email :)

As I said, we leave on Tuesday and will be back the following Monday. Galen is going to take care of the other dogs while I am gone on my much needed summer vacation -- it is SO nice to have him here to help out. I will take my laptop and camera with me and share our fun at Camp Minnesota :)

Here is Zoey trying to decide which collar she should pack for our trip.

This picture reminds me of another one -- Cali, remember that lovely nursing picture with all the puppies lined up? For some reason, I thought of that when I took this one -- it is Brighton, Asia and Zoey.

I hope your life has adventures that you are looking forward to, and friends that you can trust with your most boring of life's details :)


  1. Kris O. has many talents but posting a comment to the Blog is one that might need a wee bit of improvement -- here is the email I just got from her after she spent all day to post a comment:

    "I give up, I get to go home now! ;)

    Here is the message I was going to post:

    We are looking forward to you, Zoey and Cadi's arrival! Niko has generously offered to distribute Berner hair in you guest suite each day until your arrival, so that you will feel at home right from the start! (He is such a hospitable dude!:) And, Tori is very excited to learn what "Tracking is" :)

    Which I am now very sick of typing, after about 11 tries......watch it will now show up 11 times.........

  2. He He I did not know that Kris was google impaired! I wish I could join you guys at Camp Osojnicki!