Thursday, August 20, 2009

Made It!!!! With Drama!

The plague of grasshoppers and attacks by suicidal pheasants were followed by tornadoes!! First, here is a picture of the aforementioned bird, graphics softened with consideration for our two readers:

I know -- disgusting!!!

Anyway, I arrived in the Twin Cities in the midst of a tornado warning. In fact, the first tornado to touchdown in Minneapolis in over 20 years happened yesterday as I was driving in! After driving over 1300 miles I was within ten miles of Osojnickis and had to pull over and wait for the tornado risk to expire; Kris was busy hiding in her basement with her dogs! I would have rather had a parade but hey -- at least I had a dramatic welcome!

I met Carol at a lovely park in Albert Lea, Minnesota while the Twin Cities was getting their weather welcome ready for me. Brighton is now in her new home with Carol and Sharon in Iowa City -- here is a picture of Carol and Brighton at the park yesterday.

And here is Cadi at the same park.

The weather improved last night and Cadi and I got to do an agility class that Clark and Kris teach -- after we went to Culver for dinner and a turtle sundae -- YUM. This morning we watched puppies play and planned our exciting day :)

Clark worries that his poor Border Collie puppy is picked on by Kris's puppy, Tori -- I am thinking Fang can hold his own...

This is Tori and Zoey -- they are less than one month apart and are having fun playing together...



Tori and Sonic again...

...and again, Tori and Sonic

Zoey and Sonic

Kris and Tori

This bear was very popular -- first is Zoey and the bear, and then Tori and the bear...

Tori and Zoey

Kris and her older girl, Kiva

Tori and Sonic

Now we are off for a day of training -- and more Culvers!


  1. LOL with you and the drama.

    Oh Puppy Pictures....that should suffice for at least an hour!!!!

  2. I can't believe no one has chewed on the bear's nose yet!

  3. Fires in Montana, Tornadoes in Minnesota and Tooth Infections in Utah...where can you turn?!?!?!

  4. Watching puppies, Culvers, training, etc.
    Hard to pick.........