Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Few Sunday Pics

We were enjoying a lovely Montana day -- I even gave Sydney a bath -- when suddenly a thunderstorm rolled on in and someone opened up the floodgates! My how things can change in a big hurry!!

Newly nine month old Sydney is starting to lose her coat but before she does, I wanted to see what she would look like as a little show dog so she got all cleaned and fluffed -- and here she is...

Earlier today this was the dining area floor...

And here are Halo and Asia playing this morning...

Asia's draft work is going so well -- I am very encouraged by her progress. She was comfortable in the cart right away but her confidence has really grown with our almost daily practices. The big news is that she is now reliably backing up :) This is a hard concept and she struggled with it, but I have used great treats and patiently supported her baby backing up steps and now she does a few feet with ease. We have worked with as many distractions as possible around here and so now need to take this show on the road, so to speak, and cart in new places. The draft test is in 13 days and I think she will be ready.

In addition to draft, I am regularly practicing with Cadi in our agility yard -- what a difference it makes to have a place to practice!! My up and coming agility dog is clearly Zoey -- she loves to go to the agility yard and "help" set up courses for Cadi. The hard part with her is keeping her off the equipment -- taking down a dog walk when a puppy keeps jumping on it is a challenge! We leave on Friday for the agility trial in Utah -- it will be Cadi's first time in excellent!

I hope your weekend has been most excellent!

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