Saturday, August 22, 2009

Speed Fun!

WOW!! What a whirlwind adventure we are having! Yesterday was the Regional -- the girls showed well and Cadi made the cut in Best of Breed but nothing too exciting to report on that, which was okay. I have learned that you have to pay your dues with losses in order to have wins :) I did win four prizes in the raffle and had a great time visiting with berner people at the luncheon. One of the judges complimented me on having girls who are in such great shape so that was nice.

The weather has been an adventure all in itself but it cleared up yesterday afternoon and we were able to have a lovely dinner on the river last night. Today was picture perfect -- 75 degrees with no humidity. The morning started with a couple of lovely hot air balloons going up at the show site...

We only did agility today and I took a bunch of pictures -- of course -- and here are a couple of Clark/Kris's girls:

Cadi got an open standard leg so that was really fun -- you can see her run at:

After agility we tracked with Kris's puppy and then went to a dinner of agility people at friends of the Osojnickis' -- they have an indoor dog training arena attached to their house!! Very cool :) We ended the day with a trip to Culvers where I enjoyed a turtle sundae...

We have been so busy that we never even made cookies or went to the Mall of America -- guess I will have to come back! I will be leaving tomorrow directly from the show site. I plan to get home by noon or so on Monday so my next post will come from Montana.

I hope your weekend is going well and that you are also having fun adventures!

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  1. You have more than two readers!! Gotta love Roxy, she is my Monty's maternal 1/2 sister. I root for her all the time, sometimes a bit too loudly. Turtle sundaes are the best from Culver's. I was going to suggest those to you before your trip but didn't get around to it and then you were already gone. Glad that you had a good trip and I am so happy that Cadi had a great trip, what a way to come from late April. Love the picture of her on the picnic table. I hope to meet you in Wisconsin.