Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Few Pics of Zoey

Zoey quite likes this whacky ball with legs that makes grunting noises -- it is her favorite thing to play fetch with, and she LOVES to play fetch.

Zoey and her mom, Halo

Sydney: "My, what big teeth you have!"
Zoey: "Yea, remember that the next time you are thinking about pulling my tail when we are running!"

What do you think -- is Zoey ready for the show next week??

I had more pictures to add of other dogs but the server seems to think this should be all about Zoey and won't let me upload any more so there you have it.

Congratulations to Zaida from the Glitterati (aka Jamaica) who won her puppy class (n=6) in Colorado today, expertly handled by Val Horney who owns the Glitterati grandpa, Marshall.

And also congratulations to Elizabethanne, Kaibab puppy auntie, who finished her first triathalon today -- with a second place!!! We have such a talented family!

And congratulations to YOU for whatever accomplishments make you feel proud :)

Only three more days until we leave for Camp Minnesota -- and Culver's Frozen Custard!

1 comment:

  1. Zoey looks just like Ochoco with all that white gone brown from digging! Peaches can get away being naughty 'cuz it never shows on her beautiful brown legs, but Och can't hide a thing. It looks like Zoey can;t hide it either!

    Terri and the diggers.
    Peaches and Ochoco who is one year old today!