Saturday, August 8, 2009

Twice in a Day! WOW!

Elizabeth's Camp Montana adventure is coming to a close -- she flies out this evening -- but she wanted to make sure and get one more agility lesson in before she left. Halo has proven to be an excellent dog for Elizabeth to work with and so we once again headed out to the arena for some practicing.

Here they are working on the weave poles.


Here is Halo waiting patiently for Elizabeth to call her over the first jump.

Although Elizabeth cannot always remember the commands, Halo is good at figuring out what she REALLY meant :)

But what improvement! I love this picture -- notice that Elizabeth is clearly telling Halo that the teeter is next -- what a good student she has been!

Halo says: Will Work for Food!

Halo passed kindergarten -- she is very good at sharing :)

Seriously -- what a good girl Halo is to work with Elizabeth so well; all the dogs have been great with Elizabeth -- except Syd who prefers to hold her hand -- with her sharp little teeth -- and jump up on her to give her kisses. Sigh -- the dark side of extra super duper over the top crazy friendly.

How fun to see the world as a ten year old again :) We are sad to see Elizabeth go back to Santa Barbara but sure have enjoyed our week together.

Now it is time to look forward to the next adventure which begins in just 9 days -- more on that soon!

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  1. Loved the parade pics, Elizabeth's report, and today's agility pics! People and dogs smiling.
    Cute Elizabeth looks like a future world team member, and looks like her aunt. Jill