Saturday, December 5, 2009


We have some congratulations to offer to Kaibab dogs. First, Maddie (from the F Litter) recently earned her Rally Novice title, and her mom sent me this nice picture:

Congratulations to Barb and Maddie :)

And yesterday, Marti and Maverick (from the C Litter) finished a long training journey in which Marti showed humor, patience, and persistence and Maverick showed even more humor and some patience of his own -- they earned Maverick's first obedience title, and with a first place! So BIG congratulations to Marti on the CD and even more so, on the adventure to getting it. We will look forward to pictures :)

Titles are not the only measure of success, but they certainly represent a tangible outcome to hard work, commitment, and a relationship and so we celebrate them. But we are proud of Kaibab dogs whose owners do not choose to pursue titles, and let me introduce you to one -- Bessie.

Bessie is from our first litter, and therefore is a Mace/Abra daughter and a littermate to Maize. She is almost 9.5 years old now and lives in Boulder, Colorado with Nancy and her family. Nancy shares, "she is absolutely the perfect dog and she is always getting lots of attention wherever we go. She's great with the kids, especially at the playground." So congratulations to Bessie on being old, being kind, and being perfect :)

And don't forget to look for Bessie and Maize's famous model brother at PetSmart -- he can be found on the bag of Authority dog food and sometimes in other flyers and ads for that store. Riley lives in Arizona with Kay and Sue, and his nephews Dillon (C Litter) and Ruben (Glitterati). Congratulations to Riley for being old -- and extremely handsome :)

And congratulations to you as well -- for whatever you are proud of being!

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