Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Karma and Zoey the Almost SuperModel

First of all, I got an email asking about Karma -- the cat I found in Barstow, California a year ago. Karma is doing great! I am not sure why I find all these dog loving cats but she is another one. She likes to cuddle up with Zoey on the bed, which is great because Zoey loves to cuddle but none of the other dogs feel quite the same way :) Here is a picture of cute Karma surveying her kingdom and her subjects from the loft...

Zoey is appearing all over these days -- well, maybe not all over but it sounds good! First, here she is on a fleece pullover that Kris O. sent to me...

Zoey is following in her Uncle Riley's pawprints, although she is still an unpaid model unlike her uncle who is a paid professional. This ad will be appearing in the February Alpenhorn and it is Zoey's second time appearing in a Berner-Garde ad -- isn't it pretty? (double click to make the ad bigger)

The person who did the ad is Daniel Sernicola, and he has a relatively new business called Best in Show Marketing. Daniel is a very active Berner-Garde volunteer, and handles their ads and other media-type stuff. I send him random pictures that I like because I know he is always looking for pictures to use in his work. A picture that I took of one of the E Litter puppies (Jemie, owned by Sharon in St. Louis) is featured on the cover of the Berner-Garde brochure -- you can find it at:

Anyway, I started using Daniel to do ads for my dogs and have been extremely pleased. He has created an amazing ad for me that will go in the February Alpenhorn (the berner magazine) -- it blew me away when I saw it. You will get to see it on the Blog but not until February after the Alpenhorn goes out -- it is crazy good.

Ads in the Alpenhorn are not all that expensive and are a fun way to share about a dog's accomplishments, and create a lasting memory. Daniel's prices are very reasonable, and using him to do the ad is a nice way to support someone who not only does excellent design work, but who helps our breed so much and is just a super great person. You can contact Daniel at -- and this is a completely unsolicited plug for Daniel and his work!

Holiday plans -- Galen takes his last final exam tomorrow and heads for Utah in the van. The van will be filled with his stuff since he is deserting me -- I mean, moving back to Utah. Nicole, my only daughter and clearly the most loyal child, will drive the van back to Montana on Saturday so we can load dogs and etc. and head to Utah on Sunday. Did you follow all that?!

We have fun plans for our time in Utah. The most fun will be spending time with Dear Husband and the rest of the family (and friends) but I am also going to track a lot on my familiar fields down there, Elizabethanne is going to teach Cadi how to dance and yes, we hope to have a video of that to share, and I am going to bake a lot of cookies and other things that will require a New Year's resolution when I come back to Montana after 10 - 11 days in Utah :)

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