Sunday, December 13, 2009

Serious Snow

I woke up to about ten inches of snow!!!! Holy White Stuff!!!! Good thing we do not have to go anywhere today! So, if you live in the country -- what do you shovel?! I figured I needed to shovel something but with a LONG driveway, I decided that was out and so I made some cute little paths to the garage and got the two decks relatively cleared. I guess we just drive Trusty Rusty (the big 4x4 truck) right through the snow -- unless the Snow Plow Fairy pays a visit.

I actually LOVE snow!!! It is so pretty :) And so I put on my pink snow boots and the parka I bought last spring for $19.95 (I am so proud of that, even though Galen says it makes me look like a homeless person), did the shoveling, and then got my camera to capture my favorite subjects -- well, really the only subjects I have available, to be honest. No matter -- they are good subjects and quite willing to be cute for my camera.

Maize and Halo preferred to stay inside, and so the four young ones were out with me. Asia, Cadi, and Sydney mostly wanted to chew on the bushes, which was not all that interesting but Zoey was a great subject. She will chase her toy for as long as someone will throw it, and so I threw the funny yellow ball with legs and she had fun finding it in the snow.

The Pounce

The Search

Got it!

Sometimes Syd left her bush pruning to be a pestering little sister

Asia and Cadi

I am mindful that all Zoey's white does not always help her look great in pictures -- when Cindy saw her in CA a couple of months ago, she noted that Zoey's pictures do not do her justice and I think that is true. I do like these two of her though...

Here we have profiles of mother-daughter Cadi and Sydney -- don't they look alike?!

Finally, this is a special one from Syd to her friend, and Syd wanted me to say: "Dear Lisa, If I had a Facebook page I would make you my friend and never unfriend you. Love, Sydney"

Now that I think about it, this could be all Lisa's fault as I just got a lovely card from her that says, "Let It Snow" -- I thought it was nice but now I am wondering if maybe it was a curse??? Too bad I like snow so only an effective curse when I have to drive -- like tomorrow...sigh...

Quick -- someone send a card that says, "Let It Be Warm and Sunny"!

Have a happy weekend -- no matter what your weather.


  1. Dear Lisa,

    Please do NOT send Mary-Ann cards with inclement weather statements!!

    Thank you!

    The Other Montana Girl

  2. Loved these snow photos of your beautiful berners! We had over 2 feet of snow in northern michigan!