Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Safe and Sound

Once again I endured the painful process of saying good-bye to Dear Husband and headed back to Montana -- only a few more months until he moves up here, thank goodness.

Can you believe it -- the personal, private Idaho dog park was occupied -- by a giant herd of antelope! What nerve!! I did not want to be in a new song about where the berners and the antelope play, and so I found a spot on the gravel road where the antelopes were not visible and therefore could safely co-exist with the six berners. You have to look close to see them -- or double click the picture to make it bigger.

It was a stunning day yesterday, with clear blue skies and snow covered mountains.

This is Maize and Cadi enjoying the break from the drive.

And Asia...

Galen does not appreciate being on the Blog but this time it is his own fault. This picture captures his news -- he is going to return to Salt Lake City and go to school there. He will move back in to our Utah house after this semester (in three weeks). Sigh. I suspected having Tanner come home would be a big pull on Galen, and I was right -- it is pulling him right out of Montana and back to Utah. You know what this means??? No more Dog Nanny -- sigh... I know it is time and will be good for him, but how inconvenient for me!!! ;)

That is Sydney running towards me, and Zoey is also in the picture.

Happy December -- can you believe it? The last month of 2009! Make it a good one :)

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  1. Hi Mary-Ann:

    Scott Anderson here. It was so fun to come across your blog, see your dogs, and catch up with you a bit, if only by internet. I finished up school in Texas, came back to Salt Lake, planned on teaching, but found a great job working for a company that makes software for...social service organizations! It's a great fit that I would never have expected. Anyway, I hope all is well with you and yours and wish you a very Happy December! Take care. (oh, yeah, feel free to stop by my work blog at http://www.clienttrack.com/wordpress/ )