Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ad and Versatility Explained

Daniel Sernicola, who did this great ad, has it displayed on his business site so I thought I would share it with all of you -- it is going in the February Alpenhorn (berner magazine). Click on it to make it bigger so you can see the detail...

I should explain this ad. In order for a berner to be a Versatility Dog, s/he has to complete a championship and two working titles from two different events, but one has to be draft. Only a small percentage of berners ever get to be Versatility Dogs so it is a Big Deal to have one -- I have four and they are all related. Their mom/grandma (Abra) was also a Versatility Dog.

To confuse you even more, there is an honor called "Top Producer of Versatility Dogs" -- a male needs to produce six Versatility Dogs in his offspring to get this, and a girl needs four. There are just four Top Producers of Versatility Dogs in the entire history of the breed: Abra (Maize and Halo's mom), her mom, her dad, and her maternal grandfather.

So my four girls are not only Versatility Dogs themselves, but represents generations of Versatility Dogs (Cadi and Asia are fifth generation) and the only Top Producers of Versatility Dogs in the breed are in their direct pedigree.

Since I value both breed type and working ability, producing Versatility Dogs has always been my goal -- so this ad reflects years of work and planning, and we are really proud to be able to say every one of our girls over two (the youngest age a dog can be a Versatility Dog) is a Versatility Dog :) I don't mean to sound braggy!! I am just really proud of our girls :)

My hope is that Halo can be a Top Producer of Versatility Dogs, and for that I need the help of her puppy owners. Asia already makes one, and I have no doubt Zoey will be two. There are three others out there who could do it so let's keep our paws crossed that at least two of those three get the Versatility Dog award and help Halo be historical :)

Okay -- enough about being versatile!! You can see other ads that Daniel has done on his Facebook site -- the name of his business is Best in Show Marketing and make sure you see the one of the black German Shepherd!

It is COLD and windy here today -- I think we will be skipping the dog walks! I hope you are relaxing on a tropical beach drinking something with a paper umbrella and whipped cream -- and that you also are extremely versatile :)


  1. Wow! Very impressive - that is a lot of dedication to earn Versatility awards on 5 generations of your dogs. I don't think you sound "braggy" - you should be very proud of all of the accomplishments you have had with your Berner companions.

    The picture is awesome!

  2. Thank you :) "Only" three generations are actually mine -- the oldest two in the five generational line are Abra's mom and grandfather, who were owned by other people. But thanks again for your comment -- I really appreciate it :)

  3. M-A, that ad is awesome. Makes me proud to have a Kaibab puppy!!

  4. Don't know if you have time to fix a tiny typo -- On Asia's card, it says "BD" instead of "BG" for Berner-Garde... Otherwise, it's completely, utterly amazing and I've been eager to see how you're progressing towards your mind-boggling goals for the first half of 2010!