Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bagel Break for Berners

Thanks for your comments on the bagel theme -- I am having fun and expecting more pictures soon :) Heidi could hardly stand cute Logan in his undies and chef hat, and Chris is feeling envious over Cindy's oven!

I am making chocolate chip bagels tomorrow for my pretend American Idol party, and will definitely provide a report -- thanks so much to Susan for all the fun with bagels!

It was back to school today for me, and I feel very blessed to have the job I do :) The girls felt blessed that I came home and that they got to play in the snow that is falling -- here are some fun pictures for you...

Okay -- seriously -- could she be any cuter???! Sydney, now 14 months old

These two are Zoey who was giving me a break from throwing her beloved funny toy -- that puppy (now 16.5 months) sure loves to retrieve!

Halo walked over and took Asia's stick, and chewed it right in front of poor Asia!

The puppies love to bark at Maize and try to get her to play with them. Usually she is not so interested but the new snow and mom staying outside put her in a playful mood, and she had fun with her granddaughter and niece :) Not bad for 9.5 years!

I hope you are having a playful day, preferably involving bagels!


  1. Burning bagel causes evacuation of Portland City Hall; mayor apologizes for interruption

    By AP

    January 27th, 2010

    Burning bagel empties Portland City Hall

    PORTLAND, Ore. — An overdone bagel forced the evacuation of Portland’s City Hall. The Oregonian reported that City Hall emptied for about 20 minutes Wednesday morning while firefighters dealt with the burning bagel in the break room of Mayor Sam Adam’s office. There’s no immediate word on who burned the bagel in the toaster oven or what type of bagel it was.

    City commissioners were meeting at the time and joined those who took to the sidewalks. Adams apologized for the interruption after the evacuation.

    Information from: The Oregonian, www.oregonlive.com

    We made national news, with a bagel fire! Ha, what gets reported these days... aren't there more pressing issues?

  2. That is HILARIOUS!!!!! Luckily, my bagels did not make the news :)