Monday, January 18, 2010


Each morning I have the same thing for breakfast -- it involves two eggs, some cheese and a low carb wrap. Before you send me a 911 about my cholesterol, let me assure you that I am one of those people who actually has low cholesterol! It must be genetic as my sisters are the same way -- when we checked mine a year ago, it was 129.

So anyway, I have this whole little routine about breakfast and I suspect I like the orderliness of it because so little else in life is that way (orderly I mean). Recently I have been struck by the many life lessons that are contained in my breakfast, which seems odd but is true -- let me explain...

I like my breakfast a certain way -- the eggs cooked medium and the cheese just so on the wrap. But sometimes I get distracted -- usually by an email from Kris Osojnicki -- and my eggs get overcooked or the cheese and wrap get burned around the edges. Sometimes a yolk breaks -- disaster! I used to cook three just in case of a yolk emergency but I developed greater skill and confidence and now do not need to cook the extra egg -- besides, it is hard to split an egg six ways (the dogs get the extras)!!!

One morning -- as I looked at my sadly overcooked eggs -- I thought to myself, "well, there is always tomorrow" -- and that got me thinking about what I can learn from my breakfast. So, here are some messages from breakfast:

1. It helps to be prepared -- it is hard to have a perfect breakfast that involves eggs when there are no eggs.
2. Sometimes disaster strikes -- yolks break, for example. Deal with it.
3. Multi-tasking involves risk of overdone eggs. Stay focused.
4. If it isn't perfect -- so what? Keep practicing.
5. It isn't burned -- it is just well done. Perspective is everything.
6. Breakfast isn't perfect? Choose to like it anyway.
7. There is always tomorrow -- a new chance to make it even better.

So, you can see that living alone causes one to interact with eggs and provolone cheese in some interesting ways. Actually, I am doing okay here in Montana all by myself (well, with the six dogs and two cats). I will be very, very happy when Kim moves up in a few months but for now -- I am okay, even if I think too much about breakfast :)

The quick trip to Washington for the show was big fun. Both Zoey and Sydney placed second in their lovely classes, but the best part was that they both stood still for the judge! I worried Sydney would wag her tail so hard that she would elevate herself but she managed to wag and stay still -- perfect! She was adorable at her first show -- and we managed to protect her from the person who has threatened to steal her!

Zoey has had exam issues since her meltdown with the big, scary judge in November. Well, she did very well and I was thrilled with her. The judge took her muzzle, looked in her eyes, and Zoey just looked back. The judge did a very thorough exam and Zoey just ate her cookies and did not move a paw -- I was so happy with her :)

And Cooper -- wow!! Let me just say that Jennifer and Ralph are SUPER nice people, and I would happily go on dog show trips with them again. Cooper is lovely -- great temperament, happy, and what an amazing head on him! It was so fun to have him take Reserve on Saturday :)

I left Maize and Halo home with Abbie, Heidi's daughter, staying with them. It was the first time we have done this and I was nervous, as you might imagine. But Abbie left me a note saying, "Maize and I have become best friends" and telling me how Maize slept with her -- I think it worked out quite well :)

Cadi was supposed to do obedience but instead came in season and so spent the weekend safely in her jail in the van, away from all the potential suitors. I took this of Cadi this afternoon.

Here are Syd and Cadi -- Cadi's kids all sure look like her!

And here are Zoey and Syd with their sort of neatly trimmed ears.

And now I challenge you -- what can you learn from your breakfast???


  1. I am not really sure about my breakfasts lately of smoothies comprised of pomegranate juice, nonfat yogurt and frozen blueberries. Maybe you can enlighten me M-A.

    Breakfast, like life, is hardly ever perfect. For all my years in the dog show world, it was kind of like breakfast. BYW, my dogs love eggs ! :)

    Plus, I hate judges that take a dog's muzzle and stare straight into their eyes. This is not (IMHO) good judging behavior. I had a judge do to my boy Sailor once (a tender-hearted but not shy dog), Ed Bivins was the judge, and he hated it (Sailor did that is). I ask you, would you like to be held by the nose and stared down by a stranger?? I think not. Sorry, uncalled for. I myself would not stand for it. I'd probably spit in their eye ...

    Good thing I am not in the ring being judged. :)

  2. How interesting -- it's always struck me as odd but true that most people are quite rigid about what they like for breakfast (though not usually any other meal). Must be a comfort thing. As for me, my favourite at-home meal is home-made bagels, coffee and a really good Granny Smith apple. When travelling, and eating on the road, it's eggs over easy, bacon well done and (hopefully) non-gready delicious fries. And coffee of course.

    Yes, you have to be prepared -- if there are no bagels in the freezer, you have to make whole wheat pancakes with butter and honey -- not a bad substitute, actually.

    Just so you know, it takes exactly two hours start to finish to make a batch of 8 delicious bagels. If you want the recipe, just ask!

    and Djinn

  3. Yes! Please share your bagel recipe!!!!!