Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Bagel Bakery -- Combining Poodles and Berners!

Cali and Kate caught the Bagel Bug. Cali and Kate are among the most faithful of puppy visitors -- I believe this picture of Kate with the Rock Star contributed to him now living with Kay and Sue in Arizona :)

And although allergic to dogs, Cali (Kate's mom) was a most faithful and knowledgeable puppy visitor -- she could always tell the puppies apart!

Cali's family does not have a berner but does have Tiger, a very small assistant baker

With Tiger supervising and a camera to document, Cali and Kate got to work! Apparently Cali needs a KitchenAid mixer for her next birthday!

Kate reminds us that making bagels is actually quite fun!!

I spy Kate's eye!

And here is the berner assistant baker -- this one does not steal bagels from the counter (not that any of mine would ever do such a thing!!! -- they don't pull on their leashes either ;)

TOO CUTE!!!!!! This must be the Happy Bagel Bakery!

Looks like another bagel success story!

Thanks so much to Cali and Kate! I hope the bagels were delicious -- it sure looks like they were fun :)

Now, who is next???

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