Monday, February 1, 2010

Bagel Mania

Ready for more fun with bagels?! On Sunday evenings (without me) my family in Salt Lake City (without me) gets together for dinner (without me). They take turns cooking (without me), with Jake and Cassie hosting one Sunday (without me) and Tanner and Galen in charge of the next (without me); Kim's job is to show up (without me) and eat (also without me). Of course, since I am in Montana these dinners happen without me.

Last night was Jake and Cassie's turn, and I knew bagels were on the menu because I got a few calls from Jake with bagel making questions. Of course, I am not a bagel making expert but I have been a mom for a while and so I know how to fake it.

Jake and Cassie are both college students, and so live in University of Utah family housing, which is about 1/2 mile from our house in Salt Lake City :) Let me digress and brag a little -- both Jake and Cassie got perfect 4.0 GPA's last semester, Jake will graduate in May with a bachelor's degree and an Honors Certificate, and he has already been accepted into an outstanding dual masters program for next fall! (buttons bursting a little) Daughter Nicole just started grad school this semester, and Kim Jr. is off at law school -- quite a bunch of overachievers :) :)

Okay, back to the story -- so unlike Cindy's kitchen with the Wolf range/oven thing, or Cali's super modern kitchen, or Elizabethanne's kitchen complete with poodle assistants, Jake and Cassie have a student family housing kitchen, which -- according to Jake -- means it is outdated and small...and the worst?! No pets (I added that part)

Okay, so it does look as if four of these kitchens could fit in the corner of Cindy's kitchen but remember that Jake and Cassie just got married last June, and had seventeen or so showers, plus half of Salt Lake City at their reception and that means they have a... KITCHENAID!!!!

And they even know how to use it!!!

Like me, Jake is a fan of chocolate chip bagels and here they are -- Jake and Cassie's chocolate chips with a little bagel!

And (without me) here is a critical mass of my family (without me) having Sunday brunch for dinner (without me). Do you notice anyone missing??? (hint: me).

No berners, no poodles but they cleverly got in the spirit...

Bagels so easy and yummy even busy straight A college students can manage -- who's next?!


  1. Hi MA - it's been awhile since I have visited your site but had fun reading the bagel blogs! Who knew you had to boil bagels before baking - not me! I think I will try to make some bagel with my 1 berner, sadly, my only berner but he is some sweet boy! Thanks for the read and the laughs. It's good to see the dogs participating and supporting your efforts in the kitchen.

  2. All these bagel posts are making me hungry! One more post and I might be absolutely convinced to try them out. Looks like you are finding ways to enjoy winter in Montana, M-A!