Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to Bagels!

Lynn decided it was her turn to make bagels, and she shared her adventures in bagel making on her Blog:

Great job, Lynn!

In the meantime, I have bagels in the oven as I type! I am seriously hooked and each batch is better than the last one. This time I made cinnamon-chocolate chip! I was giving up chocolate for Lent, but Cali got me thinking about adding something for Lent so I did that instead (I added more chocolate -- just kidding ;).

Congratulations to Maya (from the F Litter) and Karen on earning a Rally Novice leg with a first place and a great score yesterday!! Good job Karen and Maya :)

And a big congratulations to Milo (from the D Litter) and Sue -- Milo earned his first CD leg this weekend :) Wonderful work!!!

Hope your Sunday is a lovely one.

Update: Those cinnamon-chocolate chip bagels are the BEST ever -- I had two with cocoa for dinner and honestly, they were/are amazing!!!!!! I used only about 3.75 cups of flour and that made them even lighter and more yummy. Susan -- thank you so much for starting us all on this road to bagelmania :)


  1. They were wonderful!!! *happy tummy*

  2. I think this is so funny: the Lower East Side of New York City brought to the Berner community via tiny Salt Spring Island, BC! Enjoy!