Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Fun (The Old Ladies)

Two posts in a day :)

I took Halo and Maize over to the park where I have let them run off leash in a fenced baseball field since they were wee puppies. They love it, especially Halo, who is in her glory as she scans for intruders to the "farm". I am always amazed at how happy she is there, running the fence line, watching for strangers or dogs to bark at, and periodically running over to check in with me before resuming her duties; you can see the Swiss farm dog at work when Halo is at that field.

I have been there with many berners over the years -- mine and other peoples -- and I cannot think of any who have not joined the group guarding when they have spotted an intruder heading towards the farm/baseball field -- I think it is just how they are hard wired. When new dogs/people enter the field, there is barking and sniffing and then the new dog(s) joins the pack, and gets to work with the others guarding the special place.

So here are the Old Ladies, hard at work protecting the farm/baseball field from such things as men moving picnic tables, a FedEx truck, and someone kicking a soccer ball. I am grateful to be able to watch them run and hear their happy barking :)

Mrs. Maize, nine years and seven months young.

More Maize

Can't have too much Maize :)

And these three are of Halo in various stages of surveillance and checking in...

I hope you have opportunity to honor your hard wiring :)

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