Sunday, February 7, 2010


As you might imagine, we do not get too many visitors here at the end of our private lane but yesterday we did! Handsome Glitterati boy Murphy (aka Sutton) stopped by with Tom and Gail for a visit, and a lesson in carting. I sent them home (they also live in Montana) with the traveling cart, and they left me with some fun pictures to share :)

Here we have additional evidence that Zoey has pretty much sailed through her stranger danger phase. She is once again a bit of a pest with new people, demanding to be petted :)

Sydney had a lot of fun playing with her brother -- here she is just striking a pose so he can admire how beautiful she is...

And here is the aforementioned brother, Murphy

Syd and Murphy having a conference about how to best take down Zoey (Syd says: "by the tail").

Murphy took this cone out of my training building -- he did not think that Asia and Cadi really needed to be practicing figure eight's with it but that it would be better used as something to lure Zoey and Syd into a game of chase; it worked...

Cadi was a bit indifferent to her son, but enjoyed meeting his human parents again

And Gail was very popular armed with some of my freshly baked Fish Fudge

Murphy has that same great disposition that all the Glitterati have, as well as lovely bone and type -- it was great to see him and his parents :)

In other news, I had my last frozen bagel yesterday so that means I need to put, "make bagels" on my To Do list for today. This time I am making cinnamon raisin -- doesn't that sound like a great dinner?? Living alone has some real advantages -- you can have a bagel with cocoa and call it dinner :)

And in yet other news, we (me and the dogs) are heading to Utah on Friday to: 1) visit family, including Dear Husband; 2) compete in three days of agility with Cadi; 3) be included in the Sunday family dinner (for a change!); 4) attend Dear Husband's last end-of-season wrestling banquet (he coaches high school wrestling -- for another week); and, 5) more fun things to be determined.

I hope your weekend is going very well, and that all your visitors are welcomed ones!


  1. Murphy looks handsome and playful.

  2. What nice pictures! Murphy looks very handsome-looks like a fun time.