Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week In Review and Pictures

I am pleased to share that I had had no unchecked boxes in my Dog Week Schedule for last week -- this reflects my dedication, my obsession to not have boxes without a little "x", and that my goals for the week were realistic -- yippee for me! Being realistic is not one of my strengths so that is the best part :)

I thought you might pretend to be interested in what is actually on one of those famous little charts -- thank you for pretending to ask!

As you know, Mrs. Maize is going to be ten this summer and she thinks that having earned her championship and TWENTY-THREE working titles allows her to live in semi-retirement; I agree. But I think staying active is important, and so the Mrs. does not get to sit on a couch all day (well, I do not have a couch but if I did, she couldn't sit on it all day!). And so Mrs. Maize went on two walks of two miles each, did two sessions of agility practice with jumps at 16 inches, and I gave her a bath. Doesn't she looks all nice and fluffy?

Halo deVil think obedience is the most fun thing ever!!! Good thing because we are getting ready for the Utility ring in late April. So Halo also had two of those two mile walks, and did four sessions of obedience during the week. Clearly there needs to be a little box for, "trim Halo's ears" this week!!!

Cadi-Bug is our Agility Queen, and we have some trials coming up in April. Cadi did two walks, and also had five sessions of agility and two sessions of obedience during her week.

Asia, known as Asia, is part of The Asia Experiment. I have not shared this before but no worries -- I have not started an animal testing research lab here! Rather, I made a decision to train Asia with zero corrections to see whether one could have a top level obedience dog without ever having corrected the dog. Now, I do not use aversives (things that hurt or cause stress) in training anyway but I am not even telling her if she is wrong -- I help her be right, only reinforce "right", and I ignore anything that is less than perfect. She has learned to heel with no collar and no leash, and no corrections -- it is pretty amazing. Anyway, so Asia's time is focused on obedience. In addition to her two walks, she did obedience six of the seven days last week. Asia is still trying to understand why anyone would think she looks like a BOY!!

Air Zoey is an insanely crazed agility dog who doesn't yet jump. Well, she jumps (as you know) but not over agility jumps -- I think she is too young for that yet. However, her training is primarily in agility right now so she did the two walks, and three sessions of agility; Zoey also gets to play fetch every day at least once. Zoey thanks Joan for her cool new ball :)

Sydee-Lou has her eye on the glove -- that is to say that she is tracking these days with the goal of getting certified to enter a tracking test. So Syd did the two walks plus she went tracking three times during the past week. Syd wants you to know that she can also play fetch -- when she feels like it.

I walk two dogs at a time so you can see that I am doing a lot of walking -- and good thing because I included myself on the chart! I was able to check off all six days of planned walks plus my four planned days of cycling -- pretty good week for all of us :)

I hope you had a good week and that the next one will be even better, with no unchecked boxes!

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