Thursday, February 18, 2010


Back in Montana, feeling like I was once again transported to a different life (and back) so trying to get my equilibrium back. But wanted to share these pictures, demonstrating that I can take pictures of something other than dogs :)

These are from the banquet that officially ended Kim's coaching stint at East High -- here he is with the Athletic Director, Kathy, who is just a wonderful person and great Athletic Director

Here are Cassie, Jake, Galen, and Tanner

Our gang that could come to the banquet -- poor Kim has a hard time keeping his eyes open for pictures!

And driving home through Idaho, I saw two separate herds of elk! To give you an idea of how uncrowded it is out there, I just stopped the van in the middle of the highway and snapped pictures from the van -- you go MILES without seeing a car. Aren't the elk interesting?

Hope you are having an interesting day!

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