Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just a few pictures/updates of our Glitterati, now 16 months.

Jennifer and Ralph took Cooper (aka Whitby) to a draft clinic yesterday and Jennifer reports that Cooper is a natural :)

The Heintzbergers sent these pictures of Mika (aka Ireland) who they report is a bit of a wild teenager :) She looks like a peaceful angel to me...

Finally, Zaida (aka Jamaica) wishes everyone a Happy Easter and wonders if she can please take the stupid ears off?????!!!!!

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  1. We had Ochoco at the same seminar with Jennifer Brightbill that Cooper was at! I wish I would have known that Cooper was a Kaibab pup, I would have made more of an effort to go say hi, as it was there was a lot going on and we didn't really get to talk much with other particpants.

    Peaches starts the next K9 Nose Work class session and Tracking classes this week, so Ochoco got to do the draft clinic.

    Peaches and Ochoco