Sunday, March 7, 2010

Odds and Ends

I love weekends!!

Three or more things... First, I am not offended and do not have any hurt feelings this weekend! Rather, I observed that someone else did and it made me think about how hurt feelings and taking offense is a choice. If we assume good intentions I suspect the level of hurt and offense in the world would drop dramatically :)

Second, if you are not a fan of Lily and Hope, you are seriously missing some good stuff. Lily is a wild black bear in Minnesota who gave birth to Hope at the end of January -- there is a den cam that allows us to watch them and it is amazing. Go to: and click on the circle/arrow to get live feed, and also look at Lily Video Clips for amazing views of Lily and Hope. I have been following this since before Hope was born, and have learned so much about black bears that I am no longer afraid of them -- very helpful when you live in Montana.

Third, just have to share that I made bagels yet again to go with the homemade Peach Almond jam my good friend sent me from Oregon -- SO YUMMY.

Finally, thought you might like to see some pictures from this afternoon as we were all outside enjoying the lovely day...

Isn't this a sign that it is SPRING?!

Okay, how about this -- is this a sign of spring? Or just Good Karma/Karnage...

Tomorrow I am making a video of the Asia Experiment and will post so you can see what can be done with zero/zip/nada corrections. In the meantime, have a lovely evening/morning/day -- oh what the heck -- life!

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