Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just Saturday Stuff

Let's start with the morning view from the yard...

And move on to our thought for the day -- do you think it is possible to be hurt, and not take offense? And can you take offense without being hurt? I think the answer to both of these questions is yes.

Because people are not mind readers and we too often have unspoken expectations of each other, I think we all get hurt feelings rather regularly. We forget that those ideas in our head about how things ought to be done belong only to us, and are not sent as a broadcast message to all other brains. And so when people behave contrary to our opinion of "should" we get those tender feelings wounded.

It seems important to recognize that not everyone has access to the "List of Common Sense Rules Everyone Should Follow" that is front and center in our own minds (darn it). Instead, we would probably do well to recognize that other people have such a list in their heads that may be quite different from our own -- hard as that is to believe. And guess what? Different is not a sin!

The girls are very happy to hear that because they were worried about being sinners, especially during this season of Lent when they all forgot to give something up. They prefer to think of every day as Fat Tuesday and were disappointed to hear that it is an annual -- not daily -- event. As penance, they decided on a Service Project -- pruning.

We start with Maize and Halo -- in this picture Halo is saying, "Maize -- get your big butt off me!!!"

Halo decided to go off and find a real stick -- I think she wins the Big Stick contest!

Maize sticks to small sticks -- she doesn't feel the need to show-off because she already knows she is perfect.

After being reassured that yes, girls do chew sticks (she is very sensitive about being mistaken for a boy, you know), Asia joined in.

Zoey tries to participate in the Service Project...

...but things kept getting stuck on her tongue and in her teeth and she can't figure out that whole dental floss thing... she decided to do what Air Zoeys do best...

Cadi wanted the Service Project to involve making me exercise more so she refused to prune and instead just supervised.

Sydney was an excellent pruner but moved too much in her efforts so none of her pictures were blog-worthy today -- she hopes Lisa is not too disappointed!

Finally, I took a picture of Zoey that reminded me of one I took of her as a baby -- here is Zoey at 8 weeks and Zoey at 18 months.

I am certain you are on the edge of your chair wondering, "did they check all the boxes on the chart last week???" Wonder no more -- the answer is yes. Eleven obedience sessions (including two away from home), eight sessions of agility, four tracking sessions, six two mile walks, five days of bike riding -- last night I was exhausted and asleep by 8:30 -- wonder why?

This week things change up a bit because Sydney and Asia got into a tracking test in Washington next Sunday (by Wenatchee, wherever that is). While I have been working with Syd regularly, Asia is a little rusty (she will be in the TDX test). It is hard to get into tests (Cadi is third alternate in the test) and so this week's chart will have lots of little tracking boxes!

In other good news, Dear Husband is coming up on Tuesday or Wednesday for a long visit. I told him earlier in the week is better because I need a tracklayer ;)

Hope your week is on track to be a most excellent one, free of any hurt feelings!

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