Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Bits of News

I had a talk with the Mrs. (aka Maize) and told her that her Auntie Marti offered to be her personal happiness assistant if she would agree to go to the Specialty. After being assured that she would get to walk around and get petted, shop for free cookies, and sit on the couch and cuddle, Maize has agreed to go. So Syd stays with Galen and thanks to Marti, Maize gets to go and show off being almost ten -- thanks Marti :) :)

We have had great weather here and so I have the grooming table on the deck. Both Asia and Zoey think the grooming table is, in fact, a special dog perch and they like to hang out on it -- here are a couple of shots of Asia doing just that :)

Here is Sydney subtly announcing two things. First, we support gay rights (note the rainbow pants). Second, Sydney is in season (again, note the rainbow pants). This is her first one and she is being a good sport about the pants.

Sigh -- but dogs work like women, and right after Syd came in so did Asia. And a couple of days ago so did Zoey! At nearly 19 months Zoey had yet to be in season so I was starting to wonder if she had all the right parts -- she apparently does. So yes, we have three girls in season and only one pair of rainbow pants so two are sporting large size pull-ups with holes cut out for the tail. Dear Husband will be so happy to hear about all this -- he arrives tomorrow :)

Finally, Missy wanted to share how she prefers her water -- on tap.

Have a great week generating your own little bits of news :)

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  1. Hehe. The pants made me laugh. Wow. Have fun with your 3 girls. Anyone will be bred during this season?