Friday, March 19, 2010


Kim just took these unposed photos -- it is why I do not sit down much ;)

Hope someone warm and fuzzy likes to sit in your lap :)


  1. Oh goodie, another test--do we get points for identifying everyone? I'm going to say that it's Momma Halo under your right arm, sneaking up to steal a kiss, with cuddlebug Zoey on your lap. Then Asia on your right foot and little Syd on your left. I can barely see someone (Cadi?) under the chair. So, where's Mrs Maize--hopefully keep Kim's feet warm while he snaps the picture!

  2. Ha, Zoey does the same thing Purna does. Except Purna gets a little snarky if someone else tries to get my attention, especially if she is on my lap!

  3. They really do think they are little lap dogs don't they?

  4. If you had a couch it would be even worse!!!

    I love it - these pictures just warm my heart - my vision of heaven!

    Cindy H.

  5. Lovely. I can tell you from personal experience that if even one Berner tries that while you're sitting in an IKEA Poang chair (which sinks further back as you add weight) you begin to laugh helplessly as you realize that you simply cannot get up...

    Susan Nd Djinn