Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dreams Come True!

You may know that I really hate to fly -- like seriously H-A-T-E as in crying, praying, deep breathing, reading trashy magazines, and clutching the arms of complete strangers kind of hating. It makes no sense -- I know -- but I just really prefer to drive places.

I will fly when I have no other choice -- like last year when Jake and Cassie got married in two places in two days, and the two places were not close enough to drive from one to the other. Not only did I have to get in a #$%^ airplane but I missed the only 2009 dog show in Missoula -- in the future all big family events must not conflict with my schedule and must not involve airplanes.

I digress, as usual -- but it is because I am setting the stage for my excellent news that Dear Husband has achieved a dream. You see, Dear Husband does not share my feelings about flying -- in fact, he has the opposite feelings about flying -- he LOVES it! He L-O-V-E-S it SO much that he has had a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot and on Thursday he solo'd (is that a word?!) for the first time -- in an AIRPLANE!!! ON PURPOSE!!!!! He even looks happy about it -- see for yourself:

And why isn't he wearing a parachute???!!!!

I wasn't there so thanks to Kim, Jr. for these pictures -- I was busy checking the website of the news station in Utah watching for breaking news about a plane crash -- thankfully no such news was necessary!

I do not have to share a dream to be thrilled when it happens for another person, especially Dear Husband. And I am reminded that there is never a time in our lives when we should stop dreaming and hoping and trying to achieve those hopes and dreams. Wonderful things happen when we imagine that they will :)

However, Dear Husband's hope that I will someday fly in a plane with him is on a collision course with my hope of staying firmly on the ground -- this should be interesting...

Zoey hopes and dreams of the day when Asia will love her as much as she loves Asia...

Asia says that dreams do come true -- she wished and hoped that Zoey would find someplace else to nap and leave her in peace for a change -- but really??? The table again????

Karma is dreaming that she gets Chippy and that nobody is around to interfere with her diabolical, murderous plans AND after she achieves that dream, she dreams of taking down our deer, who is officially named Heidi Marie Fawn Bambi Sparkle Bowman -- Heidi Marie for short.

Finally, Zoey is dreaming about the birthday parties this week, hoping there is enough cake for everyone!

Okay - I was all done with this Blog entry when I heard a noise -- "what the heck was that?" I thought to myself. Now, I have the house all closed up because summer arrived and it is HOT so I cool off the house in the morning and close it up and it stays cool all day. I walked and trained earlier this morning and it was sunny and already too warm, and I have been watering the lawn -- because it is, of course, sunny and hot.

Here is my evidence of the power of the sprinkler -- here is the sprinkler that I moved around all morning (we have automatic ones but they are not as effective as they should be):

And this is the deck with RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

There was basically no chance of rain today -- now it is up to 100%. I think if Dear Husband really wants his dream of his wife in a plane with him, he ought to take up watering the lawn -- moving the sprinkler seems really powerful...


  1. AHAHA!!! Great blog and big congrats to Kim! Good for him! Take a Xanax and go up w/him!! I want a picture of that! ;-)
    Enjoy the heat of MT my friend!! We have had record breaking heat here and it doesn't do much for the dogs or me!! But we got out and had a great drafting practice w/Abby, Cleo and Ember, Nancy VanHorne's young girl. So that was good. Off to shower, eat and nap! YAY for wknds at home!

  2. Great congratulations to Kim for slipping the surlies--he's joined a very elite group! And did he get shirt tailed, or dunked? There should be pictures of that!
    As for your concerns, have you ever thought of learning to fly yourself? Even a few lessons? While I loved flying myself, I hate flying on commercial flights--I just hate flying on other people's aircraft...