Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Exciting News!!!!! And a Contest!!!!

Guess what?! THEY'RE BACK!!!!!! The Steves!!!!! I guess they did just go on a vacation after all - I think it must have been to a spa because they are definitely smaller. And guess what else???? They brought back friends -- GIRLfriends!!!!! How cute is that?!

And there is more -- apparently they are not all named Steve. I know this because I observed that they seem to be wearing a secret code, and I cleverly deduced it was a way to tell me their real names (see how useful a Berkeley Ph.D. really is!!!). Not all of them have a name code and some have one but I have not cracked it yet -- but here are the ones I have figured out:

This one is Fool -- hey, I am just telling you the name -- I did not make it up. Don't try this at home -- well, better at home than in public but best not at all...

This is Kim -- hopefully Kim does not really have rabies!

This one is Christine -- isn't she pretty? She is obviously quite a talker!

And this one is Jim-Bill -- very handsome and intelligent!

This one is not coded so apparently is really Steve -- he likes my lilac bush.

A prize to the first one who can tell us how I know their real names!


  1. I know, but I must say that I don't think the cow is Kim since you have a couple of other names it could be.


  2. No prize if you do not share how to break the name code!

  3. Perhaps in determining their names it might be instructive to look at other portions of the cow's anatomy besides their ears...I mean, this might save "Jim-Bill" from great embarrassment in the future.
    Oh, and Kim (the real one)--congrats and fly safe! B

  4. The tags on their ears, you asked the farmer, you just made this up cuz you are bored, they TOLD you what their names are?

  5. I'm not sure of the code yet, but I did want to say that I love all of their tiny toupees on top of their heads!

  6. Its birthdays. 424 is kims b day and 420 is christines!