Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday's Child is Full of Grace

Anger turned inward results in depression but expressed?? It dissipates like a fine vapor on a windy day so do not ever be afraid of that raging anger that we all feel at times -- give it words (without doing too much damage, of course) and give it wings and bid it farewell.

And so begins a lovely Sunday in Western Montana -- bright clear skies, cool temperatures and the promise of many fine things to do today. I planted the four little zucchini plants that I grew from seeds, and turned on the sprinkler to see if it would effectively water them (mixed results) but Karma the Hunter found a new toy...

Today would have been Abra's 13th birthday -- the last we celebrated together was her tenth. We remember and miss her, and feel grateful that she left behind her wonderful family so that we can continue to see her in them everyday.

Happy Fourth of July -- enjoy your day and the ones that love you.

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