Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Morning in Montana

As I was riding my bike towards home this morning, look at what I saw:

Well, I saw it much better than this since I had to take the picture after I got home and through the trees but yes -- a hot air balloon! I love hot air balloons -- to look at -- I would not leave the perfectly safe ground to ride in one but I am glad some people do :)

I have some strange dogs -- most of them do not like to be outside unless I am with them and so I try to spend some time outside in the morning so they will act like dogs. Karma, who alternates between thinking she is a dog and a one-cat rodent extermination service, likes to come out with us.

You know Air Zoey -- always ready to chase a ball...

We had an old dog kennel and since that would be treating a dog like a dog to use it, of course we didn't. So I got the great idea to make it a cathouse so that my cats could have a safe place to be outside. I went through a very careful process of determining the safety of said cathouse. I put Karma in it and if she was at the back door, I knew there was an escape route that needed plugging. This took a few days as she is a very clever cat, but finally one time I put her in and four hours later she was still in jail -- success!! Now the litter box is outside and the cats can go in/out through the little door, but the dogs do not have access to the door so it works out great and the cats enjoy it.

Here is another picture of Karma watching over her dog pack (and looking for the escaped Chippy).

While Kay/Sue were here, we had a very vicious storm -- Heidi has a tree laying across her backyard from it!! All kinds of new and tasty sticks blew into the yard, and so stick chewing has been a very popular activity here lately -- here is Syd....


This is from yesterday afternoon -- I was talking to Marti on the phone about her girls that are having bitch fights (no, not the twins -- the girl dogs) and I looked out the window and there was my friend, the doe. She is getting quite used to me and so I was able to get some very close pictures. I have been trying to think of a name for her and thought about Fawn but decided it sounds like a porn star, which is just not appropriate, and so she is still nameless...

Back to this morning -- Syd was chewing and Zoey came over. It was like they had a little conversation and Syd told her to grab a stick and join her -- see for yourself:

I certainly hope you get an invitation today that you cannot resist! However, I suggest avoiding sticks as they get stuck in between your teeth...


  1. Fawn=Porn Star...hmmm, have so many smart remarks for that, but will keep it to myself. I think she looks sparkly...Sparkle?
    Syd is so beautimous! She is growing up!

  2. Bambi = Porn Star bout sausage....she would make wonderful sausage!! (giggles)

  3. Heidi is going to get blocked from making comments!!!! Sausage????!!!!!!! Remember -- I am from California -- BERKELEY -- and we do not eat Bambi/Fawn/Sparkle there. I have an excellent idea -- my deer is now named HEIDI Marie.

  4. AHAHAHA!! No eating Heidi Marie!!!!