Friday, February 25, 2011

It is All About Timing...

One thing I have learned in raising dogs is not to trust everything I hear -- even from experts. It is helpful to have a background in research, because I know how to find and evaluate evidence -- a very useful technique in the world of dogs where anecdotal information seems to rule.

But this means I am sometimes at odds with prevailing "wisdom" and this is very true in the area of breeding. I found this great article by a Cornell researcher (Concannon) when I was breeding our second litter. I based the timing of the breedings on it and was told by experienced breeders that I had been too early. Confused, I tracked down the author and conferred with him, explaining what we did -- he said I had done it perfectly and ten puppies suggested he was right.

I worked with a repro vet when breeding Cadi last time -- it was to be a fresh chilled litter with "fish" from eastern Canada. The vet said Tuesday for the surgical implant -- I said Saturday based on my trusted Concannon article -- as you know, the G Litter had eight puppies, a large litter for a fresh chilled experience.

I figure I pay the bills, I take the risk, I am a smart person, and so we do it my way. Sure, it might not work but it hasn't failed us yet :)

I thought you might enjoy seeing the time table from the article so here it is, with the reference -- double click to enlarge...

Title: Canine Pregnancy: Predicting Parturition and Timing Events of Gestation (9 May 2000)
Author: P.W. Concannon
In: Recent Advances in Small Animal Reproduction, Concannon P.W., England E.and
Verstegen J. (Eds.) Publisher: International Veterinary Information Service (

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  1. So is this advocating breeding on Day 0? Could you perhaps go into a bit more explanation for those of us non-breeders :)